Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dine Out For Innovative & Healthy Flavours

Eating out, and dining with friends and family at a decently elegant atmosphere is a sheer fun, but when the concept is French Bistro, you feel all the more excited and start craving for some fine wines, splendid cheese and a home-style cooking. That's exactly what we felt when we decided to review award-winning Le Bistro Du Parc restaurant in the capital city earlier this month...
Glimpse of What We Were Pampered With 
at Le Bistro Du Parc, Delhi

Leek & Mushroom Veloute With Goat Cheese 

Tomato & Mozzarella Tart With Caramelized 
Onion & Souteed Spinach

What's a Bistro Concept?

Now, before we tell you something about the restaurant and the delicious food it serves, let's understand what exactly is Bistro. A Bistro is usually known for it's food, that's ideally cooked slowly, but served innovative, in a very decent or casual setting. The idea is to enjoy the courses over some nice French wine and of course cheese & breads. Unlike fine dining, the service at a bistro is at a good pace, and you therefore enjoy the different courses that can be shared with other diners..

Le Bistro Du Parc (LBDP) may have tweaked this concept a little here and there, but it sure is a place that can't be missed, especially by women. For, it has a very women connect, as the menu and the ingredients scream healthy in one go, and also that the place is run by a women, which is like an assurance that your next few hours in this beautiful restaurant are gonna be delightful!

Yes, we realized that soon when we were served this yum Mushroom veloute (soup) with such a creative 'bread bridge' (the chef briefed) on top of it. Without any further delay, we jumped in ti try this soup. It was absolutely appetizing and tasty. The lovely goat cheese, red reddish, and dry mushrooms on the bridge proved to be a wonderful combination with it.

Though, we started with Carrot Sponge with Vegetable Maki & Goat Cheese entree( see pic above) , but before we could actually relish the taste of it, this fab soup was there on the table. While the later took all our attention, the former was an absolutely beauty for the way it was served. The cheese was predominantly interesting there as well, but the innovation of the chef was surreal for sure...

Filo Flower With Cumined Ratatouille 

Valrhona Chocolate Rocher
We in the mean time spoke to Naina, the founder of this lovely restaurant. "Bistro is all about relaxed eating over some good wine. This is a typical French concept, and therefore who know about this or have a liking for it are the ones who would enjoy coming at this place,"said Naina, when we were busy trying this super-healthy Tomato & Mozzarella Tart With Caramelized
Onion & Sauteed Spinach.
It was spot on and even the kiddo who joined us for this review loved it instantly.

LBDP is undoubtedly is not a place for a walk-in type foodie, it's for women who believe in French food, organic & healthy dishes, and sure have a flare for wine. It's exactly for a woman who knows her taste-buds pretty well!
We enjoyed the other couple of platters too that were served before this yum-looking dessert (in pic), like the above one, which was Filo Flower With Cumined Ratatouille. Though, it was on a little bland side, yet the sun-dried tomatoes made a cool combo with it.

A food review is never complete till we don't try the dessert at any place, and this one was the chef's suggestion, Valrhona Chocolate Rocher. As Naina told us that they keep changing the menu often, be it the entree or the main course, but this is one dessert that has been part of LBDP's menu right from the beginning, and so we decided to try the best-seller of this place.

Loved it in one go is all we can say, and we sure are coming back to this place... not just for the dessert, but for the very concept of Bistro, which is so what a woman wants!!

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