Thursday, January 22, 2015

How Luxe Linens Change The Decor Experience

It's been a while we realized that we haven't covered Decor. Not because there isn't something new in the field, but Decor for many of us out there is all about pepping up the homesweethome during special occasions.
But then, the perception for decor has changed with the all new online shopping boom, and we realized this when during the New Year we decided to try out some brands, which have been in the offline sector for a long time, but have recently ventured into the online segment. And, look what a creative brand we found? MARK Bed & Bath Linen, a home textile brand from Mumbai has been wooing women consumers for almost two decades now, sent us something subtle this New Year, and we decided to try it out at our place...

Beautiful Bed Linen From MARK Bed & Bath Linen..

Make it Your Choice of Decor This Spring...

If the pictures around this text are making you feel that this is how our place looks like, you sure are fantasizing and not knowing the facts..

A shoot picture of a decor brand looks simply amazing, a lush-green exterior, right in front of the window, or sometime some luxe vases or furniture right next to bed & the linen. But not every woman has such lavish interiors at her home. That's exactly where the right linen makes the right impression, and MARK Bed & Bath Linen sure does the needful, take a look how!

What We Tried From the Brand This New Year!

"Today women are well aware of the fact that the right linen is the key to an elegant home, and therefore they are not shying away in trying event the international styles & patterns. Be it bed linens, or the personal care range, our women consumer knows her choices and goes for textiles that also talk about the thread count of the product. With online, it's a little different behaviour, as most online shopper wants to try the basics first, and then goes for the premium range.,"said Ajay Vaish, Owner of the brand.
True, as we also tried the basic range from the brand, and surprisingly it decked up not just the bed but the room as a whole.

A home decor is not just about occasions, but it's like admiring your sweet little cosy space as creatively as possible. And, a beautiful, and comfortable linen is the simplest ingredient to your home decor. What's assured is that post a stressful day, it's the right linen, be it bed or bath is what will relax you instantly... Try MARK home range, to believe it...

MARK Bed & Bath Linen is an Indian home textile company since 1995, which has it's global presence.Their collection boasts of the artistic bed & bath linen presented in the most aesthetic manner.With a twenty year long experience, the brand has a fair insight into the needs of the market, enabling them to provide services to Retailers, Corporate & Institutions, Hospitality and host of other Industries...

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