Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Stay Strong in Crisis

We all know that today's busy, multitasking women sure knows her preferences in life, and works hard on her goals, midst a very stressful environment, especially in the metros. She is independent and knows how to chase her dreams. But how many of us are actually prepared for a safe & secured future in case of sudden crisis? For a women, a crisis could vary from a sudden loss of job, unpaid assignments, physical concerns, sudden illness of near & dear ones, sometimes even death, and lastly, failed marriages with no alimony…

This recent video of Birla Sun Life Insurance exactly focuses on one such serious issue similar to what we mentioned above. Take a look...

While the video is in a different context altogether, many of you out there can still feel a connect t it, especially those who might have been through a crisis with no financial security or a strong backup plan. Actually, how many of us today are set with their backup plans in real life? Probably, many of you out there would agree to this that we believe that nothing bad would come to us, and therefore like to be ignorant on such situations. 
But then that's what this campaign “KhudKoKarBuland” of Birla Sun Life Insurance is all about. A decent financial security is always a blessing in disguise, you know it's there and can be blindly trusted upon, in case of crisis. There are ample examples of Indian women, be it a working, independent , or a housewife, they suppress their dreams for no backup plan, and at times lose their self-confidence to an extent that they go in depression... 

What's a Must for Safe Future?

A safe future is the key to your present and forthcoming happiness, and that's possible only when you learn to strategize your revenues and channelize them in the right direction. While we are busy today to work on the present lifestyle and future security, sudden problems and expenses are something unpredictable. A calmer way of handling such situations, with ample amount of patience are just a few add-ons apart from the financial management. If you thought that a few schemes of a government bank, a good saving in the account, and the PF later will do the needful, that’s like living in a Cinderella world where everything looks goody. Life Insurance, with a 100% coverage is one of the prime tool for any back up plan. And, we are pretty sure not many of us around have this full-proof back up! 

So, let’s just gear up and get going for the bigger concerns for once in your life. Dreams are endless, let’s chase them fearlessly with this cool tag line: “#KhudKoKarBuland”

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