Friday, January 30, 2015

TaleSpin, a Fun-filled Read!

Reading a light-hearted satire is sheer fun, and when it's coming from a woman, with themes revolving around women only, it becomes all the more fun & fascinating. Well, if you haven't experienced such read ever, it's time for you to try "TaleSpin" by Nickunj Malik...

"This Book is a Gift to Myself,"Says Author Nickunj Malik... The Gift's Beautiful for Sure!

What's TaleSpin All About?

Now, that's an important thing to know before you wonder why exactly are we recommending this book to our 'She'readers. Nickunj Malik, an Amman-(Jordan)based freelance journalist, who has been contributing to various reputed international dailies for more than two decades, decided to compile her humour-filled columns in form of a book.
Happiness is What Women Want..
An Easy Read Chapter From the Book
"I always wanted to write a book, a fiction but I also wanted to get the feel of writing a book so I thought of this concept of compiling best of my columns in form of a book. You see, I have been contributing to newspapers for more than twenty years now, and the topics that I have been writing mostly revolve around general fun subject that I observe in the society. Being a woman myself, most of my columns have women theme, and how exactly women handle certain situations in life, be it a wife, or a daughter. But it's all fun, and real-life experiences, and I guess that's what makes TaleSpin a women-friendly book,"said Malik when we connected with her over a telephonic interaction!
Malik was in India recently for her book launch, wherein eminent personalities like V S Naipaul, Farrukh Dhondy (the Foreword of her book is by this famous writer) attended the launch. 

A Chapter Which Every Woman Can Relate to...
The book sure is a must-read for women, and though, Malik is a debuting with this book, turning into an author, the writing no where looks like of an amateur. No wonder, her journalistic experience proved fruitful as she has plans to get into Novel writing in future. "I actually wanted to write a novel initially but wanted to test waters first. Also, finding the right publisher for a debut author is also not that easy,"said Malik candidly. Which actually is true, and we liked her honesty when she told us that how for this book also she had invested some amount. She nailed it when she said, "This book is a gift to myself. I have been performing so many roles for years now and becoming an author was one of the roles that I was craving for long,"she summed!

Yes, that's one way of feeling good about yourself, especially when you know that you have that creativity in you, so why not show it to rest of the world?

Interesting Chapters From the Book

Right from the beginning to the end, you find TS sheer fun. The language is utterly simple, and full of satire and humour. The author makes sure to make fun of herself too. Chapters like What Women Want, Silent Treatment, Battle of the Bulge, Tips & Toes, Mother & Daughter just to name a few win your heart instantly.. There is a silent & subtle women connect and we know that the 'She'readers out there will sure not miss it!!

TaleSpin Fact File: The book sis priced at INR 450/- and is published by Ocean Books (P) Ltd., Delhi

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