When Jewellery Says It All

Love is in the air, and so is the excitement of looking perfect on that special day. Yes, it’s the Valentine’s month and women out there if you are struggling hard to find the perfect dress & the right accessory, this feature will sure come to your resque. Wondering how? Well, take a look…

A trendy, well-fit attire works wonders, but what if we tell you that it’s the right jewellery that simply nails it when it comes to wooing your loved one? Yes, fashion and jewellery go hand in hand but sometimes it’s that perfect jewellery piece that becomes the key attraction in your style statement. Be it any occasion, any day, and emotion, a right jewellery can quickly enhance your look. You may be dressed fashionably , in the newest Spring summer 15 dress, but if you are not wearing that right accessory, the look may go un-noticed. And, we are quite sure that you would dare not take such risk this month, right? So, let’s take a look at the key trends in jewellery as not every jewellery piece does wonders..

Classic & Minimalist

When in doubt, play a safe bet, and the same follows in jewellery as well. Unlike fashion, where trends are seasonal, the jewellery trends continue for a long time. So, when we say classic and minimalist is still very much a jewellery trend, then all you need to do is for for simple earrings like studs, pearl drops, or even small diamond earrings. Women today are looking for jewellery that they can carry at their workplace with elan, and classic studs never fail. Be it the sexy black little dress, or the gorgeous georgette sari, pearls and diamond studs simply enhance the beauty. And, if you are wondering where to find? Well, the online world is full of special offers and discounts these days. Whatever is your budget, you will sure find something that suits your pocket!

Imitation Jewellery Trends

Not every jewellery shopping is meant to be an investment, and that’s where imitation fits in. The trend is very much around and many young girls like to have jewellery that can be changed in a jiffy. And, guess what? That’s not all! The new twist, reversible, and 5 styles in one jewellery trend is the talk of the town. You can change your morning neckpiece to an interesting cocktail ring for your evening party. The best part is your dress still remains the same, it’s just the jewellery that adds the freshness to your evening look. Many online e commerce portals are offering such jewellery. What”s even more interesting is that such jewellery comes in an array of variety. From metal, stone, Swarovski, sequin, beads, to semi-precious stones, you can get superb options in Imitation jewellery. Not to forget the special discounts that the brands are offering. It’s now, or never!

New Jewellery Styles

Be it the earrings, a necklace, pendant or a ring, jewellery is a very personal choice. Yes, there are many styles that stay in fashion and many go obsolete with time. If abstract was the in thing in 2014, 2015 is more on the flowy styles. If statement ring, or the loud pendant were doing wonders then, today women are going for more simplified patterns. With your corporate fashion, which is crisp, neutral shades, sharp, fluid such designs gel well. From floral to leafy, you will find many innovations in jewellery, but the overall trend is more on subtle & elegant styles. It’s easy to gift and so is easy to wear. Also, it’s pocket-friendly unlike the Polkis and gold sets.

Let your month of romance bling in the shimmering beauty of the perfect jewellery. Your dress may be a Prada, but it’s the jewellery that would bedazzle the one staring at you…