Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A HairSpa That's All About 'You'

When was the last time you visited a salon that offered you a haircut & a hairdo that focused on your personal requirement and and let your natural curls be the way they are? Chances are you might find it difficult to remember as not many salons in India have such hair experts. And, if we say the numbers can be on your fingertips, it's no exaggeration...
But, we sure got to try and experience one such international hairspa chains that has been extremely picky and particular before venturing and expanding into any country. Well, it's none other that Rossano Ferreti Hairspa! And why not? After all, how many hair experts globally have been able to patent their style of haircut other than the legendary Rossano Ferreti? 

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A True HairSpa Experiential

The pictures right next this text are screaming loud what exactly this world-known hairspa salon is all about. While RFH (Rossano Ferreti Hairspa) has been in India for quite some time, the brand has recently tied up with the beautiful Levo Spalon, Gurgaon, where you will get to experience the hair services of this iconic chain.
We visited this luxe spalon one fine morning this month over a review and a candid interaction with Team RFH.

Kerastase Range at Levo Spalon

The Super-soothing Kerastase Hairspa
Interaction With the Legend

To be honest to our readers, we were definitely not prepared for a hair cut and were keen to knwo about the haircut technique. And, when the entire conversation kick-started with Mr. Ferreti himself, who impressed us with his sheer poise and passion for this creative industry. " I have always been particular about my hairspa, and don't just go to any country for salon expansions. But Levo is a place that sure gels well with our taste and, Pareenita (Levo Spalon Owner) could convince me and so we decided to join hands with them," said Ferreti. No wonder, as he is known to have refused to brands like Chanel, and some famous Hollywood and Royal list of clientele, with names like Kate Middleton and Angelina Jolie. While a service from the legend himself will make you spend you a minimum of $1000, the RFH services at this salon still come at a premium price point. But then Ferreti has a point here.

Stylist Dimitri Lafiandra, RFH Director
Giving the Haircut...
 "Well, you see, an average salon in India charges around $15 or say $20 for a haircut, but when we entered in this country, we were aware of this fact, and came up with a rate card like $150 or $200. there has been no looking back since then, and our clients are absolutely happy with the services. Hair cutting is an art, and there is a certain technique that's associated with this art, and art sure comes at a price point. There is no doubt that the industry in India is unorganized even today, but women are preferring salons that help them in enhancing their own beauty, rather then make then look something that they are not,"summed Ferreti.

We liked the Fact that RFH Doesn't Believe in Blow-dry,
the Hair Falls to Their Natural Flow!

While we were a little surprised to see the price point in the menu, but post this experiential, we sure had a different outlook for this beautiful industry. Team RFH sets an example when it comes to talent, and stylist Dimitri Lafiandra, Director RFH did prove that. He was the one who offered this fabulous haircut and styling to Dr. Supriya Himanshu, Founder & Owner of AWSW.

What's RFH Technique?

Now, that's a million-dollar question! We had a wonderful experience of their service, but what exactly is the haircut all about, which comes at such a premium price point? Metodo, is what the RFH is known for globally. It's a haircut style, rather technique that Rossano Ferreti has developed over the years with experience and what he has inherited. The technique was quite visible during the hair cut, as the scissors used for the cut was unlike any other scissors that you get to see in any salon. This one is patented and looks like a comb, rather teeth. But then it's just not this pair that's doing all this wonder. 
As Dimitri said during the haircut," We let the scissors go with your natural hair fall. So, if it's wavy as in your case, the scissors will only enhance that natural flow and texture." So true, as the haircut and the effort involved looked one hell of a job! And the result? Well, the pictures above tell you how happy we were with the final look!
It's time for you to take your appointment to feel the change yourself. And guess what? Your appointment at  Levo Spalon is just a call away...

Fact File:
 It's been more than two decades that  Rossano Ferretti has been part of this hairdressing industry. Belonging to Parma (Italy), he has been a force in changing the way people  ​perceive haircutting and hair salons, especially with his line of Hairspas. His salons worldwide are located in historical spaces that have been refurbished and include artifacts and detailing unique of their own culture. Withe white as the pre-dominant theme, which is the case of Levo Spalon too, the salons believe in minimalism and space..


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