Monday, February 9, 2015

Make Your Travel Funful & Luxurious With Pink City

Weekend getaways are always refreshing, as they assure some quick fun & relaxation to your otherwise busy routines. But if the getaway happens to be a heritage city, offering splendid & historic choices of stay, to some pocket-friendly home stays, it's like brownie points to your sudden travel plans...

Wondering what city are we talking about? Well, it's none other than the pink city Jaipur, which is just a few hours drive away from the national capital, Delhi!Yes, Jaipur is the Khandala for NCR, and probably that's one of the reasons why the hotels, resorts and homestays in Jaipur are busy & booked all seasons.Well, you don't have to worry as we are about to tell you about the best of hotels and resorts to go for when you plan to visit Jaipur.

Palace Stay

Oh yes! When you are in a heritage city that's known for it's exotic palaces and forts, then why not make such luxuries your abode for a while? Jaipur definitely doesn't disappoint you when it comes to a luxe stay! Be it a palace hotel, or a royal haveli, the pick city will spoil you with choices in this category. Palace hotels like Rambagh Palace hotel, ITC Rajputana, The Oberoi Rajvilas, The Raj Palace, Shiv Vilas, just to name a few. These hotels have all those recreational facilities that you could have ever imagined. From Maharani & Maharaja suites, to sauna Jacuzzi and exotic spa experiential for your ultimate rejuvenation, these palace hotels are simply apt for your weekend travel. If you are thinking of the bookings, well chances are that they usually have a tucked in beautiful room vacant, if not the suites. The stay is sure gonna cost you bombs, but then best hotels in Jaipur offer you exceptional services as well. For a quick luxury travel to a city like Jaipur, this pampering is all that you want!

Resort & Tree-house Adventure

Who could have imagined that a city like Jaipur, in a dry state like Rajasthan can offer some amazingly green stay and resort options? If you haven't done your Google search properly, then read this to know more about the best of hotels in Jaipur.

Any city is flooded with resorts, but the unique resorts in Jaipur make it stand apart. Rather, some of the resorts in Jaipur actually set a benchmark in hospitality industry. Be it Lohagarh Fort Resort that has semi-luxury tree-house stay to some poolside rustic cottage stays, or the Tree of Life resort that's midst Aravali range, and is surrounded by some lush green facade, to AmanBagh resort that is sheer opulence, and some outskirt fort resorts like Patan Mahal in the middle of Aravali mountains. List of hotels in Jaipur, especially such lavish resorts is unending as each one has something unique to offer. But, if you love the greens and want to stay away from the hustle bustle of pink city, these cool resorts is all that you must book for your next weekend travel..

Fab Home-stays in Unbelievable Price

Home-stay is one of the upcoming trends in India, and a city like Jaipur has an array of choices in this segment. The trend is picking up as it goes easy on your pocket, and makes you feel at home, sans any hotel formalities. Also, a weekend travel to a city like Jaipur may not necessarily be for luxury and relaxation, many of us want to explore and do ethnic shopping in Jaipur. So, home stay proves to be the best option. Whatever is your budget, you will find some great deals and discounts. And, bookings? Well, even if your trip is planned in a jiffy, the home stay will open it's doors even then...

While the best hotels in Jaipur, the list of your choice of hotels in this city, and above all the hotel bookings, pink city will take care of everything. Just stick to your travel plans this weekend, and hit the roads that take you to this beauty...


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