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Update Your Beauty Basics This VDay

So, it's Valentine's Day today and we are here with yet another beauty review. It might be a special day for many of you out there, but then the beauty basics still remain the same, be it getting ready for such a special occasion like this, or your weekend plans.  These new launches in skincare, haircare & makeup offer you something different and interesting so as to make it to your beauty must-have list... take a look!

Go Extra-lasting With Avon's Latest Red Range

Avon India, one of India's well-known direct selling beauty brand recently launched it's Extra-lasting range of colour cosmetics. While the range primarily focuses on lipsticks, eyeliner & kajal ( as per the pressie received by AWSW), what's interesting is that the core colour is red, which gels so well with this month of Romance...

The Extra-lasting Range From Avon India...

We tried & tested the kajal and the lipstick just to check how long-lasting the newbies from the brand actually are. Well, first let's talk about the kajal, the pencil glides smoothly, leaving a texture that is non-sticky. And, since it's non-sticky there is no way that it would smudge off so easily. It sure stays for a long time, in our case it did last easily for 6 hours. When you apply it at the outer rim of your lower lash, the reverse side of the kajal, which is a blending sponge, takes care of the smoky effect. You can easily accentuate your eyes with the help of the sponge. But if you compare it with other brands, Avon's is a little harder.
Coming to the lipsticks now, the first thing that you notice in this range is the colour variety. From purple, bright pink, to tints & tones of red, you will find some very Indian women-friendly colour palette. The lipstick doesn't bleed, and so stays for good 10 to 6 office timings. So, you don't need a touch up post lunch. For those who like matte texture, this range is sure not for them as the lipstick is moisture-based, and so shines elegantly..

What We Liked

Extra-lasting makes a splendid choice for women who don't like to go for touch-ups every now and then, be it for lips of for eyes.
Price Point: On Request

Little Happiness with My Envy Box...

Order Your Beauty-basic, to Give it a Try First!

Yes, many a times it happens that we like a beauty product on the shelf in a store, and go for it. But then, post trying for sometime, we realize that it proved to be a wrong choice. Ultimately, you end up depriving yourself with some core beauty-basics that are a must.. But, with My Envy Box, you can now give a try to end number of beauty products & brands that you may not even have heard of before! How? That's a question that will pop up now, and for that we decided to give this Online brand a try!

My Envy Box, offers both national & international beauty brands, and their products that are sourced directly from the brand. What we liked about the brand is that the products can be ordered in their mini version for a basic trial first. As a woman, what you instantly notice is the packaging, which is bright red & golden pattern & logo on it. We loved the review kit that had a de-pigment cream from Avene, a soothing perfume from Roberto Cavalli, coconut foot scrub from SkinYoga, and orange lip balm from Suganda. 
The foot scrub stands out among thing range of products, and so does the de-pigment cream. While the box comes at a decent price point to begin with, you can go for any range depending on the products and brands you like post such mini-version trials!

What's Interesting?

The packaging is splendid, and so are the brands. However, the pricing of the trial kit may not convince many.
Price Point: Starts anywhere from INR 600-800 Onwards, though most of the time this range is Sold Out!

With Ecocert Active Organic Ingredients, Organic Harvest
Sure Deserves a Space on your Beauty Shelf

For the Love of Organic Beauty

Organic ingredients, or going for organic brands is the new choice for today's modern woman. But with so many brands, and product types, it's quite confusing what is he right brand when it comes to personal care. We tried Organic Harvest, one of the moderately priced Indian organic beauty brand that has all it's important organic certification well in place...

Yes, Organic Harvest is one of the few Indian brands that has Eco cert active organic ingredients, be it the skincare range or the haircare basics. We experimented with these few (in pic) to understand and know the brand better.
From 3-in-one face cleanser, Neem Tulsi toner, Cleansing Milk, Sunscreen for oily skin, and Extra Conditioning Moisturising Shampoo, we tried everything. What stands apart is the shampoo that has some unusual extracts of Kunai grass roots. The fragrance is simply amazing, although you wonder why it has so much lather, despite being paraben & sulphate free. "Organic Harvest products have all the ecocert active ingredients, and paraben or sulphate free product doesn't mean there will be no lather. Same stands fro the 3-in-one scrub cleanser, which is one of the best sellers from the brand,"said Rahul Agarwal, Founder, Organic Harvest.
It may be a best seller, but we personally liked the Neem Tulsi Toner, it's mere application on skin makes you feel as if the skin is sanitized and set for a day-long polluted surrounding. Well, by the end of the day, the cleansing milk is there to wipe out the dust and dirt, and it sure does that effortlessly...

What We Observed

The packaging needs some extra attention as the pumps don't work easily
Price Point: Moderate, INR 215 onwards

Where Ayurvedic Formulation Assures Beauty 

If you are one of those who believe in going for a beauty product that are as per your Doshas, then this brand will delight you for sure...

Yes, Inveda, one of the Ayurveda-based beauty brand guarantees to offer you products that are customized as per the doshas (vata, pitta, kapha)  of humans. It might come as a surprise to you, and that's one of the reasons we decided to speak to Bharti Modi, Director & R&D expert, Inveda. "Inveda is a premium Ayurvedic concept beauty brands that has a product range that goes well with your doshas. So, if you are a kapha dosha woman, your skin will be oily, and prone to acne or other related problems. And accordingly, you will got for beauty products that will take care of the concerns,"said Modi... Now, that's interesting!
So, we tried Soothing Rose & Patchouli face wash, Anti-aging Night Cream and Avacoade Face Scrub. The scrub, that's super-fine and has oatmeal extract immediately grabs all the attention. It's a wonder scrub for a skin-type that's dull and fatigued. The face wash is equally interesting, as the suppleness post the cleansing ritual is sheer visible...

What Not To Miss: 

The packaging, which is fascinating and colourful! Even the concept is different and not many women are aware of such doshas...
Price Point: Pocket-friendly, INR 150 Onwards

Replace Your Deos & Mists With All Good Scents!

Bloom This Spring With the Right Fragrance

The changing weather is reminding us of updating the fragrance shelf of our beauty station. While a quick fix each sweating season is a mist or a deo, it's time for women to move on and replace the same with this new Indian perfume brand, All Good Scents!

What a perfume or a scent offers, can never be compared with any deo or a mist. If a deo takes care of your stinking armpits each summer, a mist simply freshens you for the eleventh hour meeting. It's time to explore the world of perfumes and fragrance that have a long-lasting appeal, and that's exactly what All Good Scents is offering you this season. " Indian market is flooded with international perfume brands. Also, any Indian brand in this segment is considered to be average, as that's what we believe in. I'm a perfumer, and have lived in France for 15 years. I wanted to bring my experte for the Indian market, and that's how All Good Scents came in picture. We are moderately priced, and offer the same efficacy that's at par to any international brand. Deo is not a very good option, considering the quantity that we apply on skin. Although, a perfume is a very subjective choice, but the notes that our brand has, and the basic know-how that we have put with each fragrance on our website, will help any woman understand her type of perfume,"said Rajiv Seth, Owner, All Good Scents.

That's true, and we decided to review the above two, based on the details that the brand has put on their portal. Love & Joy is for 'her', and Rockstar is for 'him'... The names are quite interesting, and so are the notes in these perfumes.

What's Interesting?

 The middle note, which is so floral is what shines through when you apply it on your pulse points, which is what Seth suggested (where to apply). The mildness of Lily (Love & Joy), and the Cinnamon (Rockstar) stand out, with a little hint of white musk and cedar wood here and there. Both make a decent choice for those who are clueless of their choice of perfumes!
Price Point: INR 750 Onwards, but you can create your scentbox for fun testers, which is INR 55 per tester!

A Gluten-free Touch on Your Lips, From Bodyography

Make a Gluten & Paraben-free Makeup Choice

If you thought that makeup can only be paraben-free, then this new launch should surprise you!

Bodyography, one of the international professional beauty brands, brought in India by Headstart Internatoinal, has recently launched their gluten-free and vegan range of cosmetics. While the range includes, lipsticks, glosses, and many more, we tried and played with one of the glosses (in pic) in subtle day colour.
The product may give a run for their many to it's counterparts like LÓreal Paris that recently unveiled it's colour riche star collection, which is priced on the same line, but of course is neither gluten-free, nor vegan.
This lip gloss from Bodygraphy smells amazing, with Vanilla on your lips, and a colour like bring pinks and subtle bronze to try for, this new range is a must-have for an aware woman, who knows the importance of the key ingredients in her cosmetics.

What We Observed

The gloss brush is a little thin on the tip compared to other brands, but then the application and the quantity still remains the same...
Price Point: INR 845 Onwards

This Valentine's month, make the right choices for your beauty station, as if you go right with your beauty basics, chances are, you'll go right with your 'Man' too....

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