Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Where Luxury & Flavours go Hand in Hand

With Spring comes the craving for outdoorsy eating out, at a place that's high on healthy food & alluring on decor. And guess what? We found this chic combo in the capital city recently, over a food review at The Hiatus, in the Clarion Collection - Qutub Hotel! Take a look...

Interiors at The Hiatus... The Seating is Spacious & Splendid!

Waiting to be Filled...
Hiatus is all about fine dine, with both inside luxe seating on two floors, and outside open seating, The Patio along side a beautiful grill.

We reached this elegantly done restaurant one semi-winter afternoon last month to give it a try. And, this try was not just a casual one, but a proper Chef's table, right next to the live kitchen on the second floor of this restaurant. The empty glasses (in pic) that were initially lying on the table were soon replaced by the lovely coolers (in pic) that the chef had already set for this fun Bloggers table..
Perfect Mocktail for Your Spring-time Thirst!

So, post a brief on the restaurant, and the food  that it offers, we were soon served some cool mock tails, like this one which was Kiwi & Green apple-based. Made a smooth way to quench us instantly! The subtleness of Kiwi is so women-friendly that they simply can't resist a drink like this one.
The menu for the afternoon was well set, more like a tasters one, but the portions served were absolutely stunning.
Be it the soup (not in pic) that we tried later this mock tail, or the fresh salad we had in-between, each and every dish was served with sheer perfection, thought the tastes did were a little concern in a few.
Healthy & Delicious

Now, let's understand what exactly Hiatus offers? Well, from Oriental, Italian, to Mediterranean, the restaurant is about world cuisine. And why not? With two dedicated floors, a private luxury-style seating with exotic liquor section, and an open-air Patio, this restaurant sure can offer such an array of food palates.

While we tried a set and customized menu, especially created for the days (whose names are much in the oblivion state now), Hiatus otherwise offers an elaborate menu with names like Broccoli Cappuccino, Parmesan Crusted Lamb, Rocket, Apple and Walnut Salad, Artichoke Bruschetta with Vodka Cream, Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Paprika infused Makhani Gravy and Spanish Style Chicken Tikka, as told are the must-haves here...

Though, we tried the beautiful versions of some of these, made by the chef for us the 'Bloggist'...
An Interesting Creation 
With Indian Cheese

For women diners, a dish like this (see pic), made using fine slices of beetroot, with some feta cheese to accentuate the flavours, is so apt in a season like spring!

But then, there was something like Paneer, which came as a topping was yum, and tender. It worked more like an appetizer and made us crave for more.
Healthy & Yum...
Well, the chef  that day was sure in no such mood to make the diners like us feel disappointed,  and so came this Oriental honey-soaked, sesame-wrapped veg & potato crisps. It was like any woman's fave, as both the honey and the veggies are on a healthier side. The dish also makes a perfect order for a family eating out!

The kitchen, which was right next to the Chef's table was buzzing, as we could see some other orders too getting prepared, and that's when we were told that there was a women's kitty going at The Patio on the ground floor.
No wonder, the restaurant is so beautiful, especially the washroom that we just thought to peep in. No need to elaborate the beauty of the same, at a time when we are relishing  the food...
Red Velvet Cake, & the Chocolate Mouse
Garden ,Not to be Missed!

As we all are well aware that a food review can never be complete without trying the dessert, and if the place is fine dining like this one, we did expect the classic desserts to be served with some twist. No wonder, the chef did his best to offer such delicacies like the Red velvet sake & the beautiful-looking chocolate mouse garden pot. The sauce with the red velvet cake was such a splendid combo, and so was the whipped cream with the chocolate pot. Both were serious spoilers and a sinful indulgence, undoubtedly...

But then, if you are in The Hiatus, forget about your carbs and calories for a while, and simply enjoy what the chef has in store for you... as a surprise!

Meal For Two: INR 3000/- (Exclusive Taxes & Alcohol)

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