Unwind Over Some Fab Cocktails


With a super-hectic lifestyle of a metropolitan city, one needs to relax and unwind over some soothing cocktails and mock tails at a beautiful lounge ambiance. But with places being many, each one offering something different from the other, one doesn’t know where to go! So, if you are one of those living in the seventh most popular and busy metro of India, i.e.. Pune, and looking for a splendid lounge ambiance this weekend, then take a look at this feature that’s all about the cocktail lounge in Pune

Best of Bars & Discos

While Pune, which is otherwise known as the cultural city of Maharashtra is flooded with some of the most sought after fine dining hotels and restaurants, the city equally surprises you when it comes to lounge bars and some casual discos. And that’s one of the reasons the younger working class, especially women love to unwind with friends over some cool cocktails at such lounge bars. So, be it the Oak Lounge Bar that have special days for women only visitors, or the beautiful and lavish Paasha at JW Marriott. These are a few good and safe places that have been known for some yum lounge food and of course some great cocktails, and for that matter, some exotic drinks too!

Today if you look at this lovely city Pune, which was once considered to be a sleepy and dull city, it has come a long way, especially in terms of the cocktail lounges. There are some amazing nightspots in his metro that are a sheer delight to visit and feel refreshed. Like for those who love to party and dance, the second other place in JW Marriott is Mi A Mi. This one will spoil you when it comes to dance and party. The lavish and luxe white bed lounges are right there when you get tired of dancing, and one can also enjoy theme parties like Pink party for women, and so…

Laid -back Lounge in Pune

Not everyone enjoys the dance and party, and sometimes you are so tired by the end of the week, all you need is a comfortable lounge seating to enjoy your fave drinks for some endless hours. And Pune sure doesn’t disappoint you for this sort of choice too as the city has some wonderful laid-back cocktail lounges. Like, The Ship, which is a boat-shaped bar has a huge cocktail menu. The music is special too as the bar has some dasy set for theme music, like Mojito Rock Nights, Karaoke Mondays, just to name a few.

Kue Bar, at The Westin is another such relaxed place. For men who love cigars with their cocktails, this is an ideal place to be. And, for women who believe in fashion at a cocktail lounge, KueBar is sure a place to be in as they has Fashion Fridays for the style-conscious women.

All-time Fave Lounge Bars

Though, the bars, and lounges is a pretty new concept for Pune, there are some old-time lounge bars, and some new ones that have always wooed the drinkers in some way or the other. Be it any day, these places are always full, and cocktail lovers don’t wait for the weekends to enjoy their all-time fave lounge. For example 1 Lounge, is an award-winning lounge bars of Pune and has been praised for it’s interesting cocktails and the music that it plays. From hip-hop to bollywood, you can choose for any music while having your fave drink. The other old-time lounge is 1000 Oaks, this one has been in the city for ages, if the people are to be believed. The decor is like an old world charm, and so are the drinks. While the food is primarily north-India, the drinks sure are modern.

And last but not the least is the Area 51, this one is considered to be the first revolving lounge bars of India, and is in the shape of a spaceship. From laser lights, to some hi-tech music, you can get to enjoy a surreal world experience here..

So, it’s time for you to enjoy your cocktails at one such super-cool lounges when you are in Pune… For Puneites, this bliss is in the neighborhood…