Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Healthy 'You', Just a Touchscreen Away

With a super-busy lifestyle of today's women, it's the health that takes a toll immediately, and starts showing signs like bloating, extra weight, dullness, and above all weak immunity to the seasonal illness. While gyms, and fitness programmes with a personal expert are some of the key solutions that are available around, for many women following this routine goes all the more difficult. Should they settle on the unhealthy routine then? Of course not, as HealthifyMe app is here to take care of your fitness and weight-loss...
HealthifyMe, a Must on Your Smartphone

A Cool App to Stay Fit

HealthifyMe, as the brand claims is India's first mobile app for a customized fitness and weight-loss programme. Available both on Android and iOS, this interesting health app helps you keep a close check on your daily diet, exercise, calorie consumed, and calories burned. In a way, this app is your fitness expert, which is just a touchscreen away.

Well, you must be wondering why we say so? We reviewed this app, tried and tested the features for over a month just to see the difference in health and weight. Check out the picture in your left. This is how your screen looks, primarily called Dashboard, once your download this application. All you need to do is log in your daily diet, any basic exercise that you follow, be it walking, jogging, squads, for example. The app instantly counts your calorie consumption and the calories that you burned. But that's not the way to begin!

When we decided to review this app, we feed-in the present weight on the app, and also set the target for weight-loss, which is how ideally it should be. What we found interesting was, when you set the target for the weight loss, the app tells you smartly if it is even possible to attain. So, on an average, you can easily lose 3-4 kg once the app approves for the target, and also tells you how much of daily calorie consumption is allowed, and same way how much of calories need to be burned. It's a basic mathematics after all, the consumption must equal the amount burned. Anything going more, will either lead to weight-gain or weakness respectively...
The Right Diet is a Must Even if You Have a Health App for Fitness

Is it Totally Free?

Yes, now that's a core question that you must be thinking about. Well, the features mentioned above are totally free, and if you have a basic know-how of it then you may like to consider going with the basic features. But then, weight-loss and a healthy routine is no joke. You will always need an expert's advice, and a customized fitness chart to be followed strictly for a better you. And, all this sure comes at a cost!
So, for a personal trainer, nutritionist and there advices, one needs to shell out INR 900 a month, which is absolutely pocket-friendly. You can go for a Silver Plan, the way we were offered for this review. Or, there are two high-end plans as well, which offer you a blue tooth-enabled pedometer, called 'RIST' that can help you keep a check on the steps, distance and calories while exercising. We spoke to Tushar Vashisht Co-founder and CEO of Healthifyme who told us that the brand has done some tie-ups with health institutes like Medanta, Apollo and Manipal, where the app has proved a success in treating and preventing clinical obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and other lifestyle diseases. " There are many health-related apps internationally, but when it comes to India and the kind of food that we consume, we need an app that is accurate enough to guide us in these parameters. So when you log in your meals with HealthifyMe, you will see all the India food options like Parathas, Dosas, Pakoras, which otherwise are not available with other apps,"summed Vashisht. 

That's so true! With our more that a month-long trial of this lovely app, we could see how much of calories an average India food has. With this fab Indian calorie tracker, you will get to know a paratha can add 150 calorie a day, and a rosagulla can easily add 100 calories. These facts may scare you initially, but with regular usage, you will sure make a shift to a healthy food option, along with a regular exercise routine.

Apps are an addiction, so why not get addicted to something that's making you healthy and beautiful? Think about it...

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