Friday, March 6, 2015

Freedom to Free Internet

For people living in metros of India, it's hard to imagine a life without internet, be it in the form of whatsapp updates, or the new music download for some fun in e hectic lifestyle. With many public places offering free WiFi and internet, the liberty of staying connected with the people of your choice is all the more easy and hassle-free..
But have you ever realized that there are many states and places in India where either the internet access is not easy, or is not available at all. Thus, the freedom to choose things of your own choice, especially for women is so not possible! Well thankfully, this scene is about to change as there some good news from the internet world, for the digital-savvy audience. Facebook, in partnership with Reliance Communications has introduced , which assures to offer free access to some 33 interesting and useful websites via Reliance Freenet connection.

What's the Benefit?

A free internet connectivity is like a basic right to your basic needs. With changing lifestyle, where most of us stay out from the comfort of our homes, it becomes important to keep in touch with the newest updates, be it in the form of a news, or in the form of an aspiration. And, a free internet connection with an access to 33 different websites sure works wonders for the busy 'us' from the areas that have no such facilities till date..
To know more about the benefits, let us first understand the Reliance freenet connection. With a focus on six states like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, and Gujarat where this free inter next connection facility to basic sites will be available initially, the scheme aims to empower the Indians, and build an aspiration towards the useful digital domains. So, from news, travel, education, parenting, to some entertainment, you will get to access such 33 websites for free. What's even more interesting is that all you need is an Android app based gadget or a UC browser app to be part of this free digital world...
With the super-busy life of today's women, this is sheer convenience and confidence. You can anytime check the latest updates from the world of news, entertainment or for that matter even social media. Oh yes! This being the Facebook concept, do we really need to mention that access to FB & messenger is for free? A liberty to access your choice of websites, anywhere, anytime is a bliss in many ways. It has a strong aspirational connotation as well. For those who can listen to newest music, or get the parenting tips, know the weather forecasts, check the news channels, and even learn about the latest launches in lifestyle on their basic phone may like to go for a smart phone, a tablet, or opt for data connection at has more in store. Why else would governments come out with free WiFi schemes, in public places or transports?

For a country like India, where states like the ones mentioned above, its very important to connect the people living in the deep interiors digitally. For one, it helps them understand the global changes, and thus prioritize their own preferences and needs accordingly. Second, the internet freedom also in a way makes you feel empowered as you are in sync with the newest, enjoy the world of technology and innovation, and therefore can have your own thinking and opinions for things that you may not have thought about, sans the digital boom...
With we may see a positive change in rural India, which should ultimately help women, or others in general stay in tune with the world, globally!

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