Monday, March 30, 2015

Get Set for a Solo Travel This Vacation Season

It is that time of the year when we all start planning for some fun or adventurous travel. After all, it's summer season, and many of us love holidaying during this season. From beaches, to mountains, to some lovely tucked-in jungle resorts, the summer vacation is all about an exciting travel. But often this excitement gets spoilt for the travel gear choices that we make, especially when it comes to the travel backpack. And, if you have all the plans to go hiking this holiday season, a right sturdy backpack is all that you need to make it a lasting and enjoyable memory...

Travel Time Luggage

Travel is leisure, but the packing and the right choices of bags & luggage that you are supposed to carry is no joke, and often travelers find it quite a strenuous exercise, especially of you are a first timer. Therefore, it's very important to select the right travel luggage for the right location to make your travel hassle-free, and more of fun actually. Like, if you are traveling to a beach-side location, all you need is light-weight skybag to stuff all your beach fashion styles like sneakers, flip-flops, bikinis, just to name a few. A sea-side travel is more about light weight dresses and accessories, and a lot in quantity, and so the skybag. On the other hand, if you are planning an adventurous hiking on a hilly location, or in some natural setting, a skybag will turn out to be a disaster. Such travels require an all-in-one travel gear that is strong enough to hold loads of basic utility items needed for hiking! A hiker sure doesn't need fashion stuff, but a couple of rugged apparels to repeat throughout her hiking...

A Chic & Strong Backpack

Now, you sure know why a backpack is all that's needed for an adventurous travel. But then, does any backpack would do? Of course not! The bag needs to be strong enough to hold the stuff. Also, since hikers go on any trails, be it a dry location, or a wet one, so your backpack should be such that it doesn't get spoilt that easily. May be water-proof for that matter. Or, a backpack that can be cleansed just like that in case it gets soiled.

But then with 'she' hikers, a travel-gear needs to be chic and stylish enough to be flaunted, particularly during a travel-time selfie. Thankfully, today brands are offering some really cool and vibrant colours in back-packs that are a style statement in itself. You don't need any other accessory with it. Just put it on your back, wear your Reeboks & Adidas hiking shoes, and dress in the coolest and comfortable cargos, or capris, and you are all set for your long, unexplored hiking trail...

Travel is key to rejuvenation, but what makes the whole experiences worthy enough is the right travel gear. So, this season make sure to select the right backpack, bag & luggage for the destination that you are all set to enjoy with your friends & family. And, if it's gonna be a solo trip this summers over hiking, then let your sturdy backpack be the coolest & safest companion!

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