Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Make Your Business Travel Luxurious

Who doesn't like to enjoy the luxury of leisure travel, and a five-star like stay, especially when the travel is either all about work, or some city tour with your family just like that. But often we are not much aware of the best of hotels of the city where we are travelling to. Now, you need not to worry as this feature is about to reveal to you the upscale hotels of this new upcoming business city of India- Pune!

Yes, Pune is the second biggest city of Maharashtra after Mumbai that witnesses frequent travellers, who come on short business meetings, or sometimes families on a city tour. While the city may have been a cultural hub for a long time, today you name any chain of 5-star hotels, and you will find it in this beautiful city. there is no dearth of luxury hotels in Pune , and you will be surprised to know that some of these hotels have some amazing corporate packages for frequent business travellers, let's check out the list of best of five-star hotels in Punenagari...

For Frequent Flyers, Luxe Stay Close to the Airport

If you are one of those who is a frequent flyer, you sure would like to stay in close proximity of the airport, when travelling to Pune. And guess what? The city has some lovely 5 star category hotels around. Be it Hyatt Regency, Westin, NOVOTEL, Redisson Blue, just to name a few, you will find all these luxuries a few km away from the airport. And, that's not all, the all-time busy Nagar road some premium chain of hotels like JW Marriott that offers not just a royal stay, but also has some fab business packages for it's regular clientele...

This was something for those who like to check in at the five-star hotels during there business meetings. For women travellers, staying in is luxury is not just about a co for table stay but also some pampering as almost all of them have a spa for some rejuvenation, post the business meet...

Upscale Boutique Hotels for a Leisure Stay

Let's shift our focus now to the boutique hotels that may not be considered to be 5-star in terms of the so-called rating, but certainly offer premium facilities to the regular tourists. Hotels like Oak resort, O Hotel, are a few such places that have all-inclusive family packages for weekends. These boutique hotels are smaller in size, in terms of the number of rooms, unlike the big 5-star chains but when it comes to services and facilities, they are at par to any luxe property!
That's probably one of the reasons why many travellers, especially women prefer staying in a boutique hotel than the famous hotel chains.

What's best about these upscale luxurious chains? They are tucked in some cosy corner of the city, keeping you away from the hustle-bustle... and, they are equally safe...

Make your next work trip to Pune an affair to remember, of course for the stay that you are now all set to enjoy!

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