Thursday, April 9, 2015

Best of North Indian Food in Delhi

Let's say that we Indians are passionate foodies, and can connect easily over some yum cuisine anyday, anytime. But if the food is north Indian, and the city happens to be Delhi, then the whole experience of food and the flavours become all the more fun as the capital never disappoints you when it comes to north Indian menu... How? Well, this feature further will tantalize your taste buds with some of the best north Indian food in Delhi !

Variety That Suits Your Budget

Delhi is one such city of India where the local cuisine, which is north Indian comes at a variety of budget and one can actually enjoy the typical north Indian menu right from standing on a street to a plush fine dine seating in a five-star hotel. There is an ample variety and choice to select from. Be it a budget traveller who happens to try the local cuisine available on streets, or a leisure traveller who like to savour the north Indian food in Delhi over a five-course meal by a celebrity chef, Delhi and it's food any given day make a perfect choice. So, if you are wondering about the places and the specialty food, then take a look at the best of places that we are about to mention further...

Relish the North Indian Food Over Fine Dine

Let us begin with some of the best fine dine north Indian restaurants in Delhi. And, when we say north Indian fine dine, then the first one that comes to our mind Dum Pukht. Known for it's amazing Mughlai and lip-smacking Punjabi cuisine, this restaurant has been known for it's specialty Tawa Dal & Tawa Chicken. While the food sure comes at a cost (INR 6000/- for a couple), the place is sure an experience in itself and one can remember the north-Indian experience here, forever. A little lesser, comes Bukharac (pic above), which is an award-winning north Indian restaurant of Delhi. Well-known for it's open kitchen, and family-size naan servings, the restaurant will impress you for it's Kadhai specialty and north Indian tikkis. If you like to connect with friends and family over food, then this is the place to be at!

Not everyone likes to splurge this much over fine dine, and yet want to enjoy the whole fine dine experience. Then try north Indian restaurants like Punjabi by Nature, Paatra, Indian Accent, Dhaba by Claridges, the beautiful Veda in central Delhi, Laziz Affairs, Desi Vibes, Chore Bizarre, and Punjab Grill. These restaurants never disappoint you, and what's even more interesting is that most of them also serve the Indian desserts post your main course. North Indian sweets in Delhi are a sheer delight. From festival time to a day-today post meal taste changer, the sweets are relished like anything. And, restaurants make sure to offer you the local sweets as desserts in the traditional format only.

Where Street Food is Heaven

Now, let's shift our focus to the street food. Delhi is internationally known for it's street food, and the city goes outdoorsy over weekends or when the weather is a beauty. After all, the street food joints have some superb delicacies to offer in a jiffy. The first that comes to mind is of course Karim Hotel, which has been satiating the food lovers for more than four decades now. Known for it's Mugal food, Karims food comes at a pocket-friendly price and the food joint is famous for it's seekh kababs and other non-vegetarian dishes. Similarly, Khan Chacha is a place worth trying for. Once again, well-known and always buzzing with crowd and food, this one is known for it's yum kababs and is a sought after place among tourists.

The list of north Indian food places in the capital is endless for sure, it's actually time for you to explore and relish an experience that's awaiting to be unveiled...

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