Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Best Check-ins for a Business Traveller

When your work calls for a frequent travel to the capital city Delhi, then how about knowing the best of business hotels, or the quick check-in places just next to the airport? Yes, business travel is certainly not leisure one, and you must know your temporary abode pretty well, be it the price and the package is offers, or the comfort and convenience it comes with when you get back to it, post your work meetings. Thankfully, there is no dearth of business hotels in new Delhi , and we are helping you with the list of best ones to select from...

Luxury Business Hotels Close to Airport

As we know that commuting in the capital is a big pain, especially when the travelling to the city is happening on weekdays. That's one of the reasons why many business travellers prefer hotels that are in the closest proximity of airport. And Delhi actually has many to choose from. From a basic 2-star category to the 5-star category, you can opt as per your company's budget. The newest Aero city area that has been developed for the business travellers only, is one of the coolest choices as the hotels that the area has are some of the best ones from the hospitality industry. Be it JW Marriott, Holiday Inn, Novotel, or the IBIS hotel, aero city is flooded with an array of luxuries to select from. While these ones sure come at a cost, but the best thing about these hotels is that if you are travelling to Delhi for your business meeting, you can actually do the meeting here in the hotel itself, and save time from commuting. This is one of the offers that most of these hotels are offering along with your stay. For frequent business travellers, there are some corporate packages too, which must check before booking your room!

Budget Business Hotels

Some companies don't want to spend much on the employees travel, and even the solo business entrepreneurs. They prefer opting for budget hotels, which offer the equal set of luxuries but at a reasonable price point. So, if you are wondering that such pocket-friendly hotels near Delhi airport are hard to find, then read further.Lemon Tree Premier, one of the old players in close vicinity of airport is one of the sought after hotels of business travellers. It offers some cool 1/2-night stay packages that includes your city commute as well. Red Fox Hotel is one of the budget hotels in aero city and is admired for it's price point.

Not all the best budget hotels are in aero city, yet they are close to your air-travel mode. Like Hotel 37, one of the old players has been popular among regular business travellers. It is decently priced and the services are cool enough, despite being the very basic. Same is Radisson Blu Plaza, which has a refreshing breakfast to sustain you throughout the day. The list of such hotels can be endless, as they are small in size but come as a surprise when it comes to services and price.

Hotels in the Hub of the city

Not every traveller is looking for a hotel close to the airport, and therefore it's important to know which one are the best ones in central Delhi. As many people come all the ways to central Delhi for their client meetings, or business deals. Business hotels in this location are quite spacious, and have some superb amenities to offer. from Eros Shangri La hotel, Crown Plaza, Janpath hotel, The Imperial, Ashok hotel, The Leela, just to name a few are some of the names that most travellers are familiar with. These hotels primarily have business travellers of CEO level, and thus the services offered are sans any error and are often a sheer comfort of the traveller.

So, next time when you are travelling to the capital for your business meeting, make sure to check out the offers that these hotels are offering. After all, it's your work travel, make it the best to remember...

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