Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Viber’s Sticky Finger- For the love of Stickers!

Stickers have redefined the way people converse on the Instant Messaging apps. Stickers communicate best what words can’t. People now avoid conveying complex emotions in writing, because they can express themselves with these cute set of stickers. 

It’s so comforting to see an impish cat face when you are sad or that laughing bunny instead of a plain LOL or to communicate that you are late in a quirky way; we can all agree, stickers have made our emotions more pronounced taking up so little of our time. 

Viber is a mobile messaging app that lets everyone in the world connect freely. Users can share free text messages, fun stickers, photos, videos and doodles, share locations from anywhere in the world. Viber has always believed in spreading the festive cheer amongst its users and has always made it a point to introduce customized sticker packs for India during festivals like Diwali, Holi etc.

Viber recently launched 'Sticky Fingers campaign' in partnership with Talenthouse which intends to find the best sticker artist on the planet. The campaign has received a whooping response worldwide. More than 2,500 entries have been registered and India ranks 2nd among the top three countries that have contributed to this campaign. Sticky Finger Campaign has been the biggest ever campaign for Talenthouse. Viber is the first company ever to launch such a campaign that recognizes talent and renders recognition at a global level. Stickers are a core part of Viber’s personality and millions of people worldwide use them in conversations every day to express an emotion, a reaction, a statement or simply to share good vibes with their friends and families. The search for the ‘Sticky Fingers’ mascot is the first in a series of creative briefs inviting talented artists to see their designs come to life in collaboration with the Viber Design Studio. 

One Selected Artist, as judged by a Viber panel which includes Erez Shocher, Viber’s Creative Director, and Mark Hardy, Viber's Chief Marketing Officer, will work with and be mentored by Viber Design Studio to turn their ‘Sticky Fingers’ character into a fully developed commercial Sticker Pack. These will be sold on Viber’s Sticker Market and the Selected Artist will receive a share of revenue every time their Sticker Pack is bought. Their work will also be showcased around the world as it will be shared via Viber and Talenthouse’s social media channels. 10 finalists will receive a financial grant to support their creative journeys. Since the entries have closed, now's your chance to choose Viber's next sticker pack! 

Vote for your favourite entry & let's make INDIA win:  VOTE NOW:

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