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Explore Food Flavours in Pink City

The season of travel is already here, and with holiday fever soaring by and by, we decided to bring to you one such destination that is not only known for it's heritage, but primarily for the beautiful resorts that is has to offer...
If you are still busy guessing, let us take you straight to it! Pink city Jaipur is the destination that has some amazing hotels & resorts to experience this holiday season. While the weather is summers, and Rajasthan is boiling hot, the hospitality of Jaipur still manages to grab your attention. Like Fairmont Hotel, Jaipur did sometime back for Allwhatshewants. We were invited to this property in the month of March for it's restaurant launch. It was a trip in a jiffy though, yet me managed to bring something interesting for our lovely readers :)

Glimpse of What We Were Offered During Lunch

Where Food Is The Beauty

Pink city is one perfect destination when it comes to food, and we know that for any 'she'traveller, it's the beauty of food and of course some shopping that makes her decide her holiday destination. So, if you have any plans to travel to Jaipur this season, you can sure try the yum cuisine of this nicely done hotel. The food pictures in this feature will sure tell you why...

So, we reached Fairmont one fine afternoon, and checked-in soon after a splendid welcome. The hotel certainly knows how to welcome in a royal style. Built in a royal style (though not even close to the actual heritage architectural style of Rajasthan), the hotel is pretty huge and gives the feeling of space, which is undoubtedly the hospitality trend of this beautiful city. Be it any leisure hotel of Jaipur, you will always get a very spacious feel!

A Must-try Dessert at Fairmont Jaipur

Our room, which was a standard suite (see pic below) was cool enough to feel relaxed. With some customized notes here & there in the room, it looked quite welcoming. We soon headed to their all-day dining for our lunch, which turned out to be the key highlight of this 24-hr-long trip.. ha, don't wonder, it was actually less than that! The shortest FAM we ever experienced...

Anyways, the lunch (at Zoya) was an absolute delight as the chef had left no stone unturned to impress us. Be it the starters, the refreshing mock tails, the main course, or the yum dessert, the chef had a great sense of F&B. We simply loved his deconstruction technique, the innovation in this tempting chocolate dessert (see pic in right).

Fairmont Hotel, Room & the Exterior

So, by now you must be wondering what exactly was our FAM all about. Well, we were invited to this hotel for it's new restaurant launch. Zarin, the Indo-Persian restaurant is the newest add-on to this hotel. In fact, it is the first of it's kind restaurant in this capital (The brand's first), or may be Rajasthan that's gonna offer a delicious mix of Indian and Persian cuisine. Located on the lobby level, the restaurant gives a very royal feel, with rich furnishing, magnificent chandeliers around, and a marvellous seating. You feel impressed in one go, but then you are certainly waiting for the food to be served to try and review the place overall...
Terrace View During Eve

Food impresses you equally, though in bits. But then, that's what food is like. It appeals your taste-
buds here and there. While the cuisine, which is primarily on a non-veg side, and the restaurant has managed to add sufficient vegetarian options, Zarin is a bliss for a Mughal cuisine lover. 
OOTD From Koovs

What We Liked

The food is close to the Indian taste-buds so will appeal everyone who like to dig-in Indian style cuisine when dining out. Also, since the restaurant opens for dinner time only, it makes it a perfect date dinner setting...

What We Observed

The place still needs to go through some test & trials overall, to appeal to the actual F&B diner. The hotel has some tough competition when it comes to a city like Jaipur, which attracts the hardcore international travel & foodie tourists, who know what they exactly want when it comes to hospitality...

But for us, this trip was no less fashionable as we managed to do some quick #OOTD even in this short period. Tried the stunning Bodycon dress from during this food FAM, rather during the property tour & the lovely cocktails at Aasma... Special thanks to MysticFoodieMantra for Koovs ootd clicks!

It's time for you to make your holidays fashionable enough as brands like Koovs have some wonders to offer!

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