Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Turning the Fairyworld Digital

Imagine the yester years fairy tale stories where Cinderella gets transformed from a maid to a Princess with fabulous glass footwear, the lovely Rapunzel whose magical hair help her to escape & heal her love, or the Genie from a lamp that fulfills all your wishes .. All those fairy tale stories had something magical or the other, be it in form of a magical wand, some magical power, or sometime even the magical touch... Now, how about replacing these fantasy powers with some real-life bliss?
Myntra's App is so Personal, to Get Transformed!

Yeah, let's tweak these super-fancy plots with the touch of digital tools! Like Cinderella having a smartphone app, A genie with a smartphone app, or the Godmother in each and every Fairytale having an app wand... and so on! Wondering if that's even possible? Well, with Myntra turning into an App, the jobwork of all these fairy world characters is going way too easy, and of course personalized. How? Take a look... 

What if Cinderella has a Myntra app

She'll obviously select the best of dresses, that will turn her into what she wants to be like rather than a magician's imagination. She'll not be placing order for a glass slipper (for practical reasons), and will make sure that the footwear has a personalized note for the Prince to find her out!
Also, Cinderella will have sufficient time to try and select from thousands of styles, colours and fashion trends that Myntra app will offer. And, guess what? All this she'll be doing sitting in a secluded corner, much in the well-needed privacy. And, she will at the end get her choice of dress to impress... 

Now, Imagine an App Genie,

The one who sits int he cozy corner of Myntra Lamp. The moment you click on this app, the genie appears, and takes you on a digital tour. You ask for one wish to be fulfilled, and he in return spoils you with choices. Be it consumer durables, fashion, accessories, beauty, furnishing, decor or even discounts, this app genie is just not ready to leave you. With every click on Myntra lamp app, he appears to take your order.
Once again, he's too personal to say no to. He keeps showing you beautiful pictures of what you wished for. From colours, cuts, patterns, prices, this app genie is quick enough to grant your wish.  

You can keep on imagining these fairytale characters one after the other, and simply keep replacing their magical power with Myntra app. The result is simply stunning. We thought how about replacing the magical wand of classic Godmother of every fairytale with an App wand? She is the one who fulfills every ones wishes by her magical wand. So, when she has an app wand, all she does is listens to you, then takes a glance at her app wand, and yeah! Your wish is on it's way... 

The world of App is actually like that, it's personal, and you feel a connect with it unlike an ecomm portal that you access via your desktop. With Myntra going the app way, chances are that you will feel more at ease when doing your online shopping. Do we really need to ask you how? For women, it's pure bliss. After all, they always want to keep their sizes a secret, or the discount that they go for. With a huge range of fashion products even on the app, it's easier for women to go for options that they love, rather than the peer pressure. It gives you a very customized feel, unlike the desktop shopping where each time to shop, you remember to log out. And, what's the brownie point here? Simply keep scrolling the trendy look book, and just stop your finger only where you need to! See, it's that simple...

When the fairy world can do so much using this modern day Myntra app, then why not you? Are you set to download Myntra on your smartphone? Well, the countdown has already begun...

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