Tuesday, June 23, 2015

For Your Yummilicious Weekend

It's just another Tuesday of a busy summery week, and if your mundanes are making you feel bored, then here we are with yet another 'yummilicious' feature...

The easiest respite one can get during summers is either by travelling to some exotic locales, or trying exotic flavours in your city over a fine-dine! Let's think of the latter for a while, as there is this new summer menu at the all new Le Meridien, Gurgaon, which we tried on a lovely summer afternoon...

Glimpse of the Summer Menu at Le Meridien, Gurgaon Delhi NCR

Quinoa & Roasted Pumpkin Salad, with Pine nuts & Goat Cheese

Light & Delightful

The title clearly indicates the subtle theme of the new menu at this revamped hotel's all-day dining, in the plush NCR. Senses, as it used to be called earlier, and now is all about world cuisine still holds the same charm, and you feel the aromas the moment you step in this well-lit dining area.

We opted for the cosy corner, and soon were pampered with some of the coolest platters by the talented Executive Chef, Tanveer Kwatra.
" Summers is all about light & healthy food. when it comes to women, they are die-hard salad fans, and with this new menu, I've just tried to experiment with both European & Indian food," brief Kwatra.

The very mention of the word Salad was more than enough to activate the taste-buds, and Kwatra made sure not to make the excited taste buds wait for long. And, here came the Quinoa & Roasted Pumpkin Salad, with Pine nuts & Goat Cheese, followed by Cabbage & Onion Salad with Plum, Avocado, Seaweed & Tanuki. Both were a sheer delight, with the prior one more on the lighter note & hints of tanginess here and there, and the cheese playing a domineering role, the latter was strongly tangy and satiating of course.Both pumpkin and cabbage were experimented with wisely and blending with the Indian palate...
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Then was served some beautiful -looking Chicken Oyster, Shrimps Get Wild & Palak Patta Chaat with Hara Moth (sprout). We being on the veg side, decided to skip the non-veg options, and straight away digged in the all-time fave chaat (pic below). Needless to say that it was yum & simply amazed out buds. The raw mango espuma right in the center played a cupids role, with our buds demanding more of it...

Palak Patta Chaat with Hara Moth (sprout)

Shrimps Get Wild

In between, during some candid conversation the chef told us about some Japanese delicacies that he had been offering at this all-day dining, and though, they were not part of this menu, we asked him to make a few to at least try for. Like the Japanese Pizza (pic above). This was a total surprise, as the base in a veg Japanese pizza is made of cabbage, and the toppings are more or less the same, with cheese on a little lighter note. While the taste for adults is great and a good change, the kids would still prefer the regular Dominos & Pizzahuts.

But then, we had something more coming, and this time it was a lovely mocktail Poire Delice. This pre-dominantly had apple as main flavour with a subtle hint of vodka. A perfect summer soother on a summery afternoon!

The last in this summer tasting menu that we tried were Dahi Ka Cheela (there in first pic) that was a beautiful modernization of the regular cheela that we make at home. What was different was the Aam chutney... reminded of the grandmas recipe, in a flash of second!

Mochi Icecream From Japan... Simply Awesome!

Now was the turn of desserts, and while the menu did not have a specific dessert for the tasting, the chef had a surprise element that he sure preserved for the end. Mochi, the famous icecream (confection actually) of Japan was our last course, and it was certainly not a disappointment. Here, the icecream is a filler and wrapped by sticky rice, and a small amount of corn starch is used for dusting so that it doesn't stick. Tastes amazing, and you crave for more. Tanveer instantly fulfilled our wish, and the strawberry was followed by chocolate flavour... Sure Kwatra knows what women want.. Ahem, we mean food, of course!!

What Not to Miss

The crockery used to serve these platters were summer-friendly. The pastel notes of the plates and the wooden hints quickly grab your attention! Time to block your weekend at Le Meridien, Gurgaon...

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