Monday, June 1, 2015

Glossy Touch to Your Summer Look

And, we are back to yet another busy Monday. While many of you may feel the blues, there are others who try to add some beauty to it. So, how about feel inspired from them and add some glam quotient to your busy day?

Well, this new launch from Oriflame India is sure gonna delight you, the way it did to us. The One, which is what it is called sounds like a beauty product that's exclusively meant for you... like custom -made!

The One For You, from Oriflame India

The One Colour Unlimited Lip-Gloss

So what exactly this range is all about, and how exactly is it different from the rest others? Needless to say, it's a new add-on to the brand's profile of products, and it's out with a set of colour palette, which means it is meant for a certain season of the year!

Since it's summer-time in India, the brand made sure to come up with soothing range of colours that make your lips look nude... almost! Yeah, you get the right tint enough to make you feel believe in beauty.
Though, it's a little difficult to differentiate it from others, when it comes to the overall look. Not too sticky, and yet simply stunning!

What We Liked?

The One makes you feel that it's a product that is specially meant for you, unlike any other lipgloss.

Additional, the price point is absolutely comfortable, and you want to try all the limited edition shades (5 in total) of this range. The best part is the gloss stick, it simply glides on your soft lips, sans any uneven texture or excess of gloss around!

What We Observed?

The One is more or less on the similar line of other lip glosses, from any other brand, particularly when it comes to the colour palette. You will struggle hard to find out the basic differences while comparing. But then, it's lasting glossiness (for good 6 hrs) ultimately brings you back to what you call - 'The One' for you...

Price Point: INR 449 (for one)

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