Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Turn Your Dull Decor to Greens, by Just a Click!

While the World Environment Day might have lasted just for a day, but that sure hasn't dampened our spirit of celebrations of 'Greens' , or living midst the 'Greens'... Yeah, it's high time to revamp our living style rather, decors of our home sweet home with some lovely greens. But if you thought that getting the greens to your place, especially in this summer season is a tedious tasks, well there is someone who's bringing it to your doorsteps... via just a click!, is one it's kind online gardening website that is all set to cater to the garden enthusiasts, flower and exotic plant lovers by offering an array of green services, thus making your living space a breathable beauty. We recently reviewed and experienced their service, and the greens that they offer. Though, we planned to feature them this World Environment Day, but had to delay for some unavoidable reasons... Let's know more about HGL (

The Exotic Greens From
The picture above is sure giving you an idea what we tried from the brand. We received these beautiful plants (from ferns to decorative, to exotic) in cute white pots, planted in potting soil. If you thought that these are outdoorsy, then you are wrong. They are indoor plants, meant to make your living space look greener and healthy.

Cute Little Greens Around Your Workplace
For today's busy women, a concept like HGL is a sheer bliss, as they want to adorn their homes with some green beauties, but certainly don't have time to visit a nursery, select plants, get them planted and later maintain regularly. HGL, is not just a website like any other ecommerce where you can shop plants, pots, and gardening accessories, but the website also offers you expert advice, gardening tips, and if needed, a gardener for a customized service as per your home requirement. "Homeandgardenlife is first of it's kind in India, as so far there is no online player in gardening sector. I always felt that gardening, or knowledge about how to add green decor to your living space is still very unexplored. The consumers are aware of the changing decor trends, but don't know exactly what kind of plants, or pots, or say accessories they should get for their homes,"said Atul Vashisth, Founder of We connected with him over phone just to get an insight of how the online industry of gardening sector is picking up. "It's fairly new, and will take some time to evolve, but at the same time women are going online ans shopping exotic plants, decorative gardening accessories, the way they shop from any other fashion portal,"he added.

No wonder, as when we received these plants from the brand, we made sure to decorate our workplace in the best possible way. You will be surprised to know that not much effort is required to maintain them, and because of potting soil, the plants grow fast, remain healthy and soak less water. You can easily decorate your workplace (see pic above) with a few basic greens around...

Though, the plants in these pots after a month or so have grown to an extent that we will soon be shifting them to bigger pots now, and making a few outdoorsy. But a website like is sure a quick and best way to revamp your dull decor with some vibrant greens this summer season!

What We Observed:

Don't go for Ferns in this season, as they will need extra care, and chances are the plant will still go dry. Secondly, as the Founder of HGL suggested, don't over-water your plants, which is usually the prime reason for plants to die or not grow. And lastly, don't water your plants during afternoon as this may leave the pot dry (coz of evaporation) hindering the plant's overall growth...

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