Friday, June 26, 2015

Your Perfect Solution to Beauty

Skincare for women is a never-ending process, considering the polluted environment that we live in, and the big claims that brands make when it comes to the actual skincare. The key issue that most of us have is the aging of skin, and no matter what, we all wish a youthful skin with a subtle touch of flawlessness.
You think it's too much to ask from a beauty brand? Well, when the brand is Za, and the product is Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum, then it sure is not... We'll tell you why!

The Secret of Youthful Skin, Lies Beneath this Flap...

And, here we go... Za's Perfect Solution
Youth Whitening Serum... 

Power of Beauty 

Looking beautiful is not just a dream that we all secretly have, but in the present day lifestyle, it seems to be like one mandatory add-on, be it a career, a business, or ... just like that! We all want our skin to look flawless & fresh. Brand claim super-solutions, quick solutions, and sometimes even guaranteed solutions that are hard to believe. But this new product from Za Beauty is sure a good consideration for all those who have been looking for a reliable anti-aging product that can even offer whitening.

Well, first thing first, whitening doesn't mean what your skin will go 5 times fairer to your actual skin tone, it only means that the dark spots, pigmentation, and melanin formation concerns will be taken care of, effectively.

Za Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum is all about offering you the real-life solution, than making gigantic claims. We tried this product that the brand gifted us as a Pressie during their formal launch in the capital, in the moth of May. Wondering why we are featuring it so late? Of course, we were busy trying it for a month and a half, and here's the result...

PSYWS, in short, is a wonder bottle.. like, literally! Just two pumps of the product morning and evening (though we applied it just once), you will see the dark spots fading, like in our case.. we don't even know where are they gone?

The pigmentation, though takes a while to get rid of. You may need to continue using this product for at least a quarter to get a effective result, if at all you have a long-time pigmentation issue. As far as the youthfulness of your skin is considered, you gradually see a subtle amount of suppleness in your skin, along with an even-tone & a firmness, sans wrinkles. Please remember, it's not a wrinkle removal cream, but with 'that' gradual change, the minimization of wrinkles is.. but obvious!

Now, let's talk about the whitening part, which most of us are obsessed with. Za Beauty has infused this advance technology Retino White complex  that's know for it's youthful retination properties, and thus reduce melanisation, dark spots, and pigmentation. This ultimately gives you a fairer complexion, may be a tone better. That actually makes you look naturally beautiful.

Additional, PSYWS also has Japanese Yuzu seed extracts, which are know to improve collagen formation, resulting in firmer & clearer skin tone. Post using it for such a long time, and applying it exactly as per the instructions mentioned on the cover, we can comfortable say that Za is sure reviving the power of beauty of Indian women.

The last thing that you all need to know is the price point, which is INR 1299/-! Sheer bliss, what say women?

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