Quick DIY to Get Rid of Sun Tans


The season of holidays has come to an end, and we are quite sure that you are back to your work stations post those lavish beach vacations, hill-side stays and more. While there you happily flaunted those beautiful resort style statements, it’s time to upgrade your fashion wardrobe to a monsoon one.

But are you worried like others? For, the vacations have left the visible impression on your otherwise flawless skin? The tans that you got during your beach visits, your hill-trekking, and some day-time shopping, are your latest concerns, and you are wondering how to go for the newest monsoon styles that are all about shorts & sleeveless tops?  Well, you have this new quick solution from one of the most trusted skincare brands in India, CavinKare. Spinz Sun Tan remover is the newest product from the brand, and is a quick and trusted solution for your tans. We’ll give you more than enough reasons to buy it, and also tell you how to use it with our quick DIY guide

Tans are a turn-off in many ways, especially when we are wearing those sleeveless evening dresses, or the day-time shorts, where the beautiful ankles look dull because of tans. For women in India, who prefer a sari over a dress, tans look all the more annoying when we are trying those deep back blouses with a sexy sari. Now, with Spinz Sun Tan remover, you can get rid of them in just five minutes! Wondering how? 
Take a look at this video first before going through our DIY guide. 

Wondering if it’s that easy? Yes of course, and we say so as we tried and tested the product and believe it or not, you see the tans fading exactly after five minutes. #SpinzBanTheTan 

What Tans? Get Rid of Them
in Just Five Mins…

So, we tried this product around the neck area, face and the arms where a lot of Indian women usually get the tans, especially those who wear the Indian attire. Post the trial, we decided to try a summery chiffon sari for a day look (see pic in left), without the tans of course! :)

A Quick DIY 

Simply squeeze the tube on the index and middle finger, apply it evenly all over your face, or the area that has got those dreadful (because we dread them!) tans, leave it like that for 5 minutes (you can actually set the timer, if you want), and then wash it with water and pat dry. You will see a newer you… literally! The best thing about this product is that it has no bleach content, and has been dermatologically tested on various skin types. We liked the product for at the first glance, we tried the product on sensitive skin type, and there were no reactions, no redness at all. Thus, makes it suitable for teens as well, especially those who get those ugly tans post their regular swimming sessions. I would also recommend it for college going girls, women just back from a tropical holiday or fashionistas who love to transform from a day time to night time look! While the west goes gaga about tans, we as women still find it a glitch when it comes to flaunting a flawless skin. Separate skin tones on our body make us skip many occasions, and result in us lagging in on fashion trends.  
Well, not any more, as we now have Spinz in our beauty kitty!