Thursday, July 9, 2015

3 Reasons Why Your Favorite Smartphone Should be in Other's Wishlist

Ever noticed when stepping out of your home, the first thing that you remember to pick is your smartphone, even before your mind tells you to get hold of the car keys.. or for that matter, your wallet! While mobile phones top the list of the daily essentials of today's generation, we all have our own reasons to reveal why we can't imagine our lives sans a smartphone.

Whatever is your reason, I find my smartphone to be my most favorite item. Be it the look, the features, or it's feel, it has turned out to be my favorite phone in the recent times. Which, of course means that I tried my hands on many other models and brands in the past, but this one only made it my favorite list. And I like it so much that I want to'it' to be on everyone's wishlist. Well, you want reasons to believe it? Here we go...

Cool & Quirky

My smartphone is cool-looking, and that's one of the primary reasons why I feel that it can make to anyone's wishlist. After all, we all go for models and brands that are sleek, slim, stylish and chic. My 'favourite phone' has all these features. It's size and shapes makes you go aww instantly! It's feel and it's look is so modern that you don't wish to go for the big players in the market. Do I need to mention them? Niat! You know very well :P

The second important reason why it should be in your wishlist is the features that it comes loaded with. Be it the 4G connection, the memory extension, the free apps in play store, the pool of games that are available on the brand new phone, and above all the picture quality of it's camera. We women love to click selfies, do fashion OOTDs, SOTDs, or sometimes some quick beauty clicks. For all this we definitely need a smartphone that can do the needful without any glitch. My 'favorite phone' has the best of camera, be it front or the rear one. From panoramic, to flawless face selfie, it can surprise you with it's results. And, that's not all! You can quickly share it on social media as the handset gives you enough social media options to share. And what's best? The photo editing has some really cool filters to make you look even more beautiful...

Smooth Touch, Easy Maneuvering

So, when does your smartphone becomes your favorite? When you enjoy touching it, and scrolling through the menu. That's exactly when you fall in love with your most favorite gadget. My 'favorite phone' is not only smooth like satin when you touch it's screen, but also the maneuvering and going through various icons on the screen is amazingly impressive. You feel the ruggedness of a smartphone, but at the same time you enjoy the subtleness & the delicate touch of this phone. I bet, you can't afford missing such lovely features that none of it's competitors offer in this price band.
I guess I don't need to say anything further as the technical features are based on individual to individual, and my phone has all the basics that you'd need in your day-today life. Not to forget, upgrading your memory or space happens... just like that!

Folks, it's time for you to make a shift to what I love the most - My favorite phone, and let it take a position on someone else's wishlist to...

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