Monday, July 6, 2015

For Your Love for Frozen Flavours

We are back to the mundane Monday once again! Weekends are always short when it comes to spending time with friends and family over some splendid luncheons, or may be a lovely dinner. But when there is always a lot more to explore, and the off days fall short off, then how about making your busy days refreshing and eventful... just like that?

Wondering how? Well, The Leela Palace in the capital city sure knows the busy fun-loving woman in you, and that's probably one of the reasons why they are inviting you this summer over a refreshing Ice creams & Sorbets evening at The Qube. We experienced the Chef's Table last week, just to get the taste of their lavish Frozen flavours...

Refreshing Sorbets & Ice creams at The Qube, The Leela Palace, New Delhi

Ice creams and sorbets are a sheer delight, especially when the weather is summers  or pre-monsoon. For women, it's a bundle of happiness, as we find it quite a healthy break from the regular cuppa that we usually indulge in, when meeting friends or family over a quick break. With yum and healthy choices like these, it's all the more fun! 

Strawberry Raspberry Sorbet

So what exactly this new menu of Ice cream and Sorbets is at The Qube? Well, it's a seasonal edition of the hotel where Pastry Chef Rishabh Anand has curated some amazing ice creams that are sugar-free, and made using the purest form of the fruits, herbs and some unusual flavour combinations. And, since many of us are lactose intolerant, he made sure to offer us some lovely sorbets, which draw inspiration from healthy berries and tender flowers.

The pictures around are sure an indication of what all we tried, but they certainly are not revealing the beauty of the flavours that we had scoop-full of, during the tasting session..

While ice creams are always a safe bet when it comes to trying flavours, as we are used to the dairy content, and know how it will taste, it's the Sorbets that are an actual challenge as the base is water, and the icy ingredient is frozen pulp of the fruit. So, if you are not the tangy types, chances are that you may not be able to enjoy the flavour to it's full, which is usually the case with kiddos! We realized this as we had this little one who accompanied us during the review.
Manjari Chocolate & Mandarin Sorbets are Spot-on!

Anyway, let's come to the flavour part now. Divine is what it feels when you are having Mandarin, Strawberry & Raspberry Sorbets. The frozen and tangy blend simply blasts in your mouth, making you feel fresh, immediately!
Fresh Mango Sorbet

 We asked for one scoop of each one, but you can go for two easily. The chef, in the mean time showed us the fresh ingredients that he used in creating all the ice creams and sorbets. "When the ingredients are fresh, and the actual pulp of the fruit is used, what you get is healthy and light for sure,"said Chef Anand.

Mild Cheesy Ice cream
Mandarin Sorbet.. Heavenly!
If sorbets impressed us in just one go, ice cream tasted equally beautiful. They were a little heavier, as we were trying so many different flavours. The texture of the ice creams at The Qube is smooth like butter. You know it the moment it starts melting in your mouth in seconds. And to feel the texture, you must not miss the Vanilla ice cream. It has rich pods of vanilla, and the fragrance is elegantly subtle. Mild Cheesy is highly recommended, feels like it's meant for women only... And, the one that we simply loved and went for two scoops of it was Espresso coffee. It had bitter coffee with amaretto, and it is soft and full of strong flavours.

The list of ice creams and sorbets certainly doesn't end here as the place has many more rich flavours to offer like Pistachio, Honey, Rose petals, Hazelnuts and more. Same goes for the sorbets, you can enjoy the punch of  Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry Litchi, Mango, and more.

Is the vegan in you excited to come out and try something exciting? Till then, let your soul dig into the refreshing ice creams!

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