Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Spoil Yourself Silly This Monsoon...

Wondering what kept us busy all this while? No new features, no updates on the newest launches, not even a glimpse of the on-going reviews .. for more than a fortnight? Like literally....??

Well, you sure have a valid reason for all such queries but to be honest to our readers, team Allwhatshewants was super-busy for last two weeks. Lots of new business opportunities, and expansions were happening at our end, and so the delay in the posts! But we are finally back, and look what an interesting review we have got for our beauty-savvy readers?

SugarBox's Monsoon Edition... Spoils 'You' Silly!

Monsoon Edition From SugarBox

Sugarbox, one of the newest entrant in the field of Lifestyle recently sent us this Monsoon surprise for the candid experiential. Sugarbox, is a lovely, youth-centric online venture that caters to your day-today lifestyle requirement. For a busy woman, this brand sure has a lot of surprise elements in the goodies box that they send to you, once you subscribe to them.

Yes, subscription is the new digital trend where all you need to do is go for a package that suits your budget, and the brands make sure to pamper you with your lifestyle needs. In this new trend of subscription based business, SB seems to be offering something that's truly out of the box. How? Well, take a look...

The Surprise Goodies Turn out to be Season's Must-haves....

SB's Monsoon Must-haves...

When we received this beautifully-packed goodies box, least we could have imagined that the box will have the must-haves of the season, enough to make you feel amazing, and special in many ways. An SB subscriber can never miss the packing while receiving it. No wonder, such minute detailing and personalized service can come only when the brand is headed by a woman. Do we need to remind you her name? Of course not, you read about her in one of our sections.

So, this lovely box had key elements of the monsoon season, first the vibrant green wrapping, then the products. Right from a splendid Minions umbrella, lolly-pop style pumice stone to keep your feet soft and fungal-infection free, a mini manicure set for your hands, a pouch bag for keeping the key essentials, a nice black Kajal (not in pic) that's water-proof, of course, some gel candies (not in pic) to freshen you up and a cutesy hair-curler for the setting the wet locked, post a shower or a drizzle, and a vibrant neck scarf for the style enhancement!

For a woman, who is always busy and hardly gets time to update her season's essentials, every now and then, a concept like SB comes as a bliss. And guess what? You never know what's in store as the ingredients of this box is always a surprise, and each subscriber receives this exactly at the same date each month... must be a challenge for the brand, we must say!

SB is a pleasant breeze in an industry that works on special offers, discounts, and what's free each time you shop. The subscription trend is making headlines with brand's like SB who are making sure to woo their consumers with a sizable gift that does justice to the subscription amount!

Make sure to not to miss the August awesomeness, after all, it's all about spoiling yourself silly...

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