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Things You Must Know About Your Leather Footwear

Some brands make sure to take an extra effort when it comes to making the media world aware of their brand values, and the know how of a certain industry. Leather, for example is one style staple be it for a man or a woman. But then, not many of us know much about it.

Well, not any more, as we bring to you this exclusive feature on Leather footwear industry, from the lavish unit of Alberto Torresi. Yes, we were recently invited for a visit to Alberto Torresi's manufacturing unit in Agra, where we not only gathered information about the brand, but also about the whole leather footwear industry... Let's take a look!

The Glimpse of What's Hitting the Stores This AW15

Leather Footwear is a Rock Science, Believe it or Not...

Yes, if you thought that making comfy footwear is an easy game, then you sure need to read the lines carefully from here, as this visit to AT unit did break a lot of myths that we too  had till now!

It was a lovely afternoon at the office of AT, where we were greeted by Ishaan Sachdeva, Director & Brand Head, Alberto Torresi. 

You must be wondering what exactly was team Allwhatshewants was doing at a brand's office, which is primarily into men's footwear. Well, how about taking it like this that men's footwear choices are after all influenced by women only, right? :P

Something For Women Too...
So, meeting Ishaan Sachdeva was a pleasant surprise as he looked pretty young for an industry that's understandable for a 'certain' age but the moment Sachdeva started explaining about AT & how the brand has taken shape in these years, it was easy to believe that it's only this young brain behind that you get to see such a finesse & style element in a brand that's into men's footwear.

"Believe me when I say that making a pair of comfortable & perfect footwear is like a rock science. It indeed is and not many out there can actually understand this. When you wear a pair of footwear, be it a man or a woman, all you look for is a perfect fitting, fashionable look, and super comfort, And, to offer a consumer a combination of all these elements in a single pair sure requires a lot of dedication, skill and above all technology.

"At Alberto Torresi, we by now have our technology well in place, and make sure to offer our consumers the utmost comfort in superior quality leather. While men primarily look for comfort in their shoes, women usually want the best of styles. It's quite a challenge when it comes to women's footwear. They are sure the right audience when it comes to the amount of consumption, but then they are equally challenging. Well, this certainly doesn't mean that we are not venturing into women's footwear for this reason, but it's just that AT is right now busy studying the market, and will soon be entering into the women's wear footwear,"told Sachdeva during the candid interaction at his office.
From Alberto Torresi's AW15 Range

Boots in the Making... 
He sure was right as when we checked the leather footwear from the brand that were lying on the table for the touch & feel, we could feel the quality and the craftsmanship in each pair. It was interesting to know that a right pair of leather footwear can never make your feet feel stressed, contrary, it only helps you in staying relaxed even after a day-long wear and tear...

Post a casual discussion, we straight away headed to the manufacturing unit of Virola International Pvt. Ltd, under which AT runs. This company takes orders of some of the reputed international brands like SuperDry just to name...

The manufacturing unit was an experience in itself. From scratch to the ready footwear, we saw the complete making of a pair of leather footwear. But this wasn't all, we even visited the sections where the international orders are assembled and get ready to be shipped. While these sections of the unit have a strict entry as the designs of certain brands shouldn't get leaked. After all, the making of 2017 styles was underway...

Leather is the Cleanest Industry... Can you Believe it?

When we visited the place where all the leather imported from different countries is stocked (see pic below), we actually wondered if these piled sheets of skin were safe enough to keep standing there and feel the texture. We were told by Sachdeva that leather is one of the cleanest industry as it utilizes the waste of the butchers ... like literally!

It was too hard & harsh to believe it but Sachdeva could convince us with his facts, "We are not butchers, we only get things that are waste to a certain industry.

Piled up Leather, Exported From Various Countries

And, you will be surprised to know that not a single piece from the leather is wasted as whatever is left post the cutting & making is utilized in collage form... for footwear & even for other items.

Leather is Gender-centric...

Oh yes, if you thought that by now you know everything about leather, then this know-how is a must. Leather has a lot to do with your gender. For men's style & comfort needs the leather used is from cows & camel and for women's style & comfort, it's the sheep & goat's leather that's primarily used. The reason is simple, cow's is on a harder & stiff side, while the goats & sheeps is on a softer & smoother side...

Alberto Torresi is a brand that one must have in 'his' or 'her' wardrobe, for the brand knows your needs well and makes sure never to disappoint you!


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