Thursday, July 30, 2015

This Smartphone Will Make you Break your Bank: Oppo N3 Review

Any plans to buy a new smartphone this festive season? If at all you have, then this review should help you zeroing-in on a smartphone that feels luxury, top-to-toe... Don't wonder how, as Oppo's latest N3 is a piece to flash, feels chic from every angle, be it the physical appearance, or the technical features, and is a sheer delight when it comes to selfies & shoots.. Let's take a look!

Oppo N3, a Perfect Solution to Your Lifestyle Needs!

Oppo N3, Re-defining Luxury!

So, we received this beautiful white-coloured smart phone from Oppo India for an exclusive review this month. N3 is the July month launch from the brand, and it sure has some key features that make it stand unique and different from rest others. We realized this when we used this phone for more than a fortnight, for tasks like Selfies, Beauty & Lifestyle shoots, travel-time clicks, just to name a few. 

While the phone has many interesting technical aspects that can be talked about in detail, we would like to tell our readers that Allwhatshewants reviewed this cool phone purely on the basis of it's camera usage, it's physical appearance, and it's overall feel to a she user!

Fun Selfie with the Phone
Jewellery Shoot With N3

For a woman, her smart phone is a primary engagement in today's time, and she sure is not ready to settle on anything lesser. For those who believe in lifestyle, and belong to that industry, it's mandatory to have a phone that looks and feels great too. And that's exactly where N3 fits in...

Clicked Agra Fort Using N3
We used this phone for some fun shoots like Jewellery, fashion, beauty, travel, and nature of course.

N3 has a camera that's bang on the top of the phone, and the brand is making you go awe you with the way camera function. It flips to the side where ever you are standing during selfie clicks. This means, be it front, or the back, the camera that you get is 16MP. 

Additional, it has the beautification mode that captures the best of your skin and colour. If you are not good skinned, no need to worry as the beauty options enhance your key features, smoothens the skin and adds a couple of lighter tone to your actual skintone...
This may not be a very comfortable thought to get a skin tone that's not your actual colour, but then you can anytime shift to the normal mode to get the actual look.

We travelled all the way to Agra just to check out it's camera and how good it is! Look at the picture above that's from Agra Fort, The clarity of the phone is simply awesome. The best example could be nature as the phone managed to give us some lovely shots of nature too!

The phone must be coming at a price (on request) but then, it's a best investment to go for in the android category, especially when the season is going festive next month onwards...

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