Monday, August 10, 2015

Bringing Entertainment to Your Smartphones

We are a generation that lives and believes in the digital world. Be it our wardrobe upgrade, daily decor needs, kitchen must-haves or services like laundry, billing and home salon, we do it all with the help of our hi-tech smartphones. It has become the most convenient and handy medium of today's time!

Wondering what makes a smartphone so special? Well, it is the wonderful world of applications, fondly known as apps,which has made our life easier like never before. But that is not the end of it!It's time to control your 24X7 entertainment via your mobile buttons instead of that age-old remote control. Wondering how? Well, nexGTv is here to offer you a non-stop entertainment on your mobiles. Let's know more about it!

Digivive, one of the fastest emerging infotainment companies of India, has recently launched an award-winning app nexGTv that is about unending & personalized entertainment for the digital-savvy audience. The app is here to offer you the best of digital entertainment ever. How? Take a look...

Non-stop entertainment & its key features

We all are familiar with the world of applications and how they are making our lives simpler and smoother. So why the entertainment domain should be left behind?Now that's exactly what nexGTv is doing! In simple words, it is a mobile TV experience for the 24x7 busy world of today. Won't you agree that who has the time to sit in front of television sets and watch things that don’t even interest us? Watching TV should be a personal experience, and that's what nexGTv is giving you.

This app can be accessed via your smartphones, your tabs, iPad, laptops, and even desktops. 2G, 4G and Wi-Fi, you can run nexGTv on any network. The app streams around 140 LIVE TV channels, be it breaking news, latest movies, TV shows or even trending videos on YouTube.Now all this is just a click away. Isn't that cool? Indian entertainment audience is spoilt for choice with this latest app. So whether you love funny videos, cooking programmes, comedy shows or are crazy for latest Bollywood songs, this app is a must-install to enjoy such entertainment, sans any ads or time restrictions.

Whatever is your mood, nexGTv has this special feature of pause and resume, which helps you watch your favourite episode whenever you want to. And that's not all! The brand has tied up with major telecom operators such as Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance, BSNL and MTNL to bring this non-stop entertainment to your smartphones. Additional, you can watch regional programs and channels too on your smartphones.

Entertainment app is like your best friend; it is always around when you need her the most. And the brownie point with nexGTv is that you can easily access it sitting at your workstations. Imagine when the boss is setting deadlines you are busy browsing your latest app... Need we say anything else, wink!)

It’s time to click the download button and get your own nexGTv app!

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