Monday, August 10, 2015

Moonsoon Rejuvenation for Physical Well-being

If the monsoon magic is playing havoc on your physical well being, be it in the form of aches and stiffness, or be it in the form of allergies and cold, it's time for you take a spa break. Hang on! Not just any spa break but a date with The Quan Spa, J W Marriott Aerocity in the capital, as this one has come up with exclusive Monsoon Treatments. Wondering why we say so? Well, we recently experienced one of it's treatments just to share it with our lovely readers, and of course feel rejuvenated...

Therapy Room for Couples!

Feel Fresh With Chakra Healing 

Quan is simply beautiful. The fresh flowers around, the subtle healing music echoing in the reception, and the fresh honey-lemon tea cup served at the relaxing zone, all three make a soothing combo, and set you for your spa session.

Monsoon is exactly the season when women need such pampering session. The dampness around makes your physically dull and full of fatigue. Also, those who have issues with changing season, this is exactly the season when the body aches, or the muscles stiffen. Probably that's what Quan kept in mind while creating the season specific spa menu.
State-of-Art Jacuzzi at The Quan Spa

Wondering what's the menu like? Well, take a look...
This spa has treatments like Exotic Monsoon 
(30 Minutes body polish followed by 60 mins Hot stone Massage), Chakra Healing ( A 90 Mins treatment that starts with Indian Ayurveda Massage followed by Herbal poultices placed at variable pressure points on your back to facilitate chakra healing),  Ultimate Aromatherapy (60 Mins  treatment that's a combination of Swedish & neuro-muscular techniques to relieve muscular tension and lymphatic drainage & improve circulation), and, Bespoke Skin Polish ( A 30 mins skin cleansing through exfoliation, followed by a 60 mins relaxing massage to soothe the senses).

Does this not sound a tempting menu, and makes you go for each one every fortnight? Of course, it does, and we opted for the Chakra Healing to strengthen the back, which is one of the key requirements of every super-busy woman...

The Therapy Room, Where we Experienced
The Chakra Healing...

The Therapy 

"Post a brief consultation, I was taken to the therapy room by my masseuse Anita. Her professional experience was quite visible, be it in the form of arranging the room, or from getting getting me ready for the treatment. She quietly briefed me about the steps involved in this treatment, which were a gentle massage, followed by the placement of herbs & spice-filled poultices on the seven chakras along with a soothing massage on stress points. The massage, as usual made me doze off, and I could easily feel the stress relieving by and by. The nap was interrupted by the hot oil-soaked poultice, and the strong aroma of the herbs. This step is the key highlight of Chakra Healing treatment. Needless to say, Anita was really good with her hands, and focused on the stiff muscles later when the chakras were activated (at least I can assume that)...,"says Supriya Himanshu, from Allwhatshewants who took the experiential!

While we came back revived to stay fresh throughout monsoon, you can opt for your choice of treatment. 

What We Liked

The Quan has a well-trained staff, and the therapies show an instant result. We went for the experiential a fortnight back, and still feel agile and stress-free, physically!

What We Observed

The massage using the poultices is just an add-on, the placement on the chakras is more than enough. The purpose of the herbs an spiced, soaked in oil is to penetrate and activate so as to align the whole body...

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