Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Quick & Natural DIY for Healthy Hair

We all love rainy season, for it brings an amazing freshness in the surroundings, but there is something that sure is not happy in this lovely season, and that is your beautiful locks. Yes, healthy hair and rains don't go hand in hand and you will see most of us facing problems like hair fall, dullness, lack of volume and an unavoidable limp.
While salons make sure to offer you the best of solutions this season, with some added special offers, ever wondered if there is any natural solution to cure these issues, with the ingredients being of international standards?  Well, the answer seems to be Himalaya Herbals.. We recently tried the entire haircare range from the brand, and observed that you don't have to book expensive salon appointments this season, but simply shift to Himalaya Herbals's hair spa products.. take a look!

Himalaya Herbals Exclusive Haircare Range... It's an easy DIY Hair Spa that Assures Healthy Hair This season! 

The Hair Spa Experiential With HH!

DIY Hair Spa

The Rains are not best suited for hair, and this is a well-known fact, but this shouldn't stop you in going for chic hairstyles, or for that matter some day-today blow-dry. So, what's the solution? You can't use chemical-based haircare products frequently, so it's better to try and go for brands that have natural ingredients as the primary source for hair care. That's exactly where HH fits in. We recently tried their hair spa at one of the salons in the capital just to get to know how it functions. The picture above helps you in understanding what are the key things for a hair spa at home. From hair oil, shampoo to conditioner, to the hair cream that's a little different, and works wonders on your scalp.

The key steps involved are hair oil massage, on your roots, pressing the stress points, then a hair wash with both shampoo & conditioner, which is followed by hair cream application on the roots. Now, that's the most interesting part, the root application of the cream is primarily to strengthen the base of your hair so that it can take the harshness of the rains. This can be followed by a steam, or a simple wrapping of hot towel around your hair to let the cream penetrate. Lastly, the simple wash with plain water...

It's a simple and yet effective DIY hair spa that is best-suited to this weather.

What's Interesting?

The brand is making sure to offer you a customized solution, and therefore depending on the hair problem, one can go for the products, like anti-dandruff, strengthening range, gentle range, and hair fall range. We tried only the strengthening one as thankfully, there was no other concern apart from this one...

Price Point: Absolutely Pocket-friendly... Don't miss any of the step in this DIY at home...

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