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Relishing Brunches for Motivational Weekdays

It's never easy to say goodbye to Weekends & get back to the busy Mondays, unless there is some serious flashback of the fun you had during weekend... Well, if you missed some such fun this time, we are here to tell you how you can make your weekdays motivational.

Champagne Brunch at Shangri-La's - Eros Hotel, New Delhi
 The picture above is clearly telling you what we are gonna talk about. Yes, someone is here to making your lazy Sunday's really interesting, and making Monday's motivational at the same. Shangri-La's Eros Hotel recently launched it's lavish Champagne Sunday brunch that we got a chance to review, on one fine Sunday this month.. Keep on reading to know more about it..

Glimpse of What This Brunch is All About...

Sunday Brunch @Tamra

When the restaurant in a hotel like Shangri La's Eros is fairly new, rather revamped, and you are invited to experience it's all-new Sunday Brunch, one is certain that the weekend is sure gonna be super-fun. And, that's how it exactly turned out to be when Sept began at our place.  We visited Tamra, which is the newest addition to this property, with our little reviewer as the speciality of this brunch was a surprise zone for kids to let the parents enjoy the splendid buffet. How lovely this thought is, isn't it?

The moment you step in at Tamra, on a casual Sunday, you are certain that this is the place to be at on a weekend. Take a look around, and you get to see food, and only food. And, not just any food, it's the South East Asian, Japanese, European, and of course our very own Indian that instantly get all your attention. Now, all you look for is 'that' cozy corner, which can probably offer you the perfect visual delight of this brunch!

Beauty on our Table...

Raj Kachori, a Must-try for Those
Who Love Indian Food
We managed to find one such corner, where this beauty (see left pic) welcomed us. Surprisingly, the restaurant was already buzzing, with families & kids trying their hands on each and every food station. While we took a round just to see what to begin with, the little reviewer had already explored the kids zone, which was towards the Japanese counter. The freshness of seafood was simply tempting.. for us visually, though as we tried all the veg options...

Kids zone is pretty nice tucked-in room, where kids can enjoy both virtual and real games. Apart from this, they have a few munches to try while games are keeping them occupied!
Dimsums are Fresh & Taste Perfect

The Typical Indian Main-course

Sweet Bites to End Your Brunch On

This Brunch is all About
World on a Platter

So, if the array of variety is confusing you, the restaurant is making sure to tell you what this brunch is all about. The concept is primarily World on a Platter, where in you can get to see chef's expertise and thus, one is spoilt with choices. We went for the safest bet, and kick-started the brunch on an Indian note.

From paani-puri, chaat, to raj-kachori, you can go for whatever you like, what's assured is the taste & freshness of the platter. Lip-smacking is what you will sum up on. We in the mean time, ordered the drinks too. You will be surprised rather, amused to read that we

skipped the complimentary Champagne, and decided to go for regular cocktail and a mock tail for the little reviewer. Well, just like that as the food was quite fascinating to relish drinks, you see...

The next course was from the South East Asian zone, which again was fresh and tasted perfect!

The concept of brunch is actually trying hands on all types of cuisine, if possible and go slow with each course. It's a Sunday brunch after all, and it's perfect to spend it laid-back.

And, that's one of the reasons why the hotel is offering a complimentary access to it's pool during the brunch. One can take a dip, and come back to the restaurant to enjoy the other courses!

We skipped the European counter as the other live cooking zones were too tempting to miss, and came back to the Indian counter once again. In the Indian food, there is this super-awesome dal Muradabadi, which we can tell you with confidence is not to be missed.

It's perfectly healthy and women would simply love it.  For those who are meat-lovers, the Biryani, pork-belly are the must-try here. 

Tamra's brunch is class apart, and one can say this only when one experiences it. Even when you are done with your starters and main course, it's the sweet bar that attracts all your attention. From Indian sweets to the sinful chocolate variety along with the Chocolate fountain, the sweets are too much of a delight. You wonder if you can actually try all, which of course you cannot...

The picture on right is more than enough to explain what we managed to try after enjoying all the lavish courses. The little reviewer though kept on heading back to this bar since we stepped in, but we guess that's how it is...

Just a quick tip here, for those who don't have a sweet tooth, should actually try the refreshing ice-creams, which have some unusual flavours too..

Don't expect us to tell you what all, after all, it's time for you now to book your table for the coming weekend!

Price Point: INR 2750 /- (plus taxes), includes free flowing cocktails, beer and cocktails, INR 3500/- (plus taxes), includes free flowing Moet & Chandon Champagne
Timing: 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm

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