Monday, October 19, 2015

For the Love of North Indian Cuisine

The season of festivals & celebrations in India has just kick-started, and we all know that when it’s celebrations, it’s the food that does all the talking. Thanks to the multi-cultural ethnicity of India, we get to experience some amazing variety of cuisines that are not just lip-smacking, but come with a certain lineage to explore and know further…

But there are certain Indian cuisines that are sought-after, and we get to see them around, be it any part of the world. Wondering which one? Well, you guess right! It’s the North Indian cuisine which has been an all-time favourite of many of us, especially women who love it simply for the array of flavours it offers. With the present times, this cuisine has gone a step further, and today it is just a click away if you wish to experience it!

Yes, the world of apps have come as a boon to women, who would rather prefer placing an order of their favourite north Indian dish, from their fave restaurant, than stepping into the kitchen & cook. How cool is that, isn’t it? Apps like foodpanda are some of the best options available to the consumers who are looking for the best of restaurants or take away joints that are specialized in North Indian Cuisine. In fact, the on-going Cuisine Festival on this app is making the search even easier for women as you can quickly opt for the platters in this category, available at your nearest locality.

For all those who still don’t know much about food apps, here is the trick. Simply download the app on your smartphone, iPad, tab, type your city and the location, and then let the app find the best of restaurants. Once it shows the complete list of restaurants, which is extensive, simply sort as per your cuisine choice. North Indian for that matter..

There is something special about North Indian cuisine, and probably that’s one of the key reasons that even when it comes to food delivery apps, you get to see a splendid variety of restaurants, offering North Indian Cuisine. Paneer tikkas, Paneer Achari, Kababs, Biryani, Mughlai, Dal Makhani, or even the sumptuous Thali, foodpanda app & it’s selection of restaurants for North Indian Cuisine literally spoils you with choices.

Well, we know that when it comes to women, more the choices better is the experience. It’s time for All whats he wants readers to go for their fave North Indian Cuisine this festival season… Needless to say, only the app way!

Fact File:

So, what all actually falls in North Indian Cuisine? While the food has a strong central Asian influence, it also covers the food of majaor states of India. Be it Rajasthan, Gujarat, J&K, UP, Delhi, HP, Uttrakhand, Punjab or Haryana, the culinary delights from all these states fall under the North Indian Cuisine category.. Now that’s Wow!!

This feature is a promotional feature & is authored by #TeamAllwhatshewants for Team foodpanda Cuisine Diaries

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