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For Your Festival Shopping: Maruti Suzuki Baleno Review

Festival in India is not just about celebrations, but it has a lot to do with some lavish add-ons to #homesweethome. And, when we say lavish, we certainly mean a brand new car...

Yes, Diwali is right here, and many of you must be planning to go for a new car, just for yourself. While there are many new launches for the season, but the recent one that we tried and reviewed, and therefore certainly recommend is the all new Baleno from Maruti Suzuki, via it's Nexa ExperienceBaleno is simply beautiful, in the first glance itself.
For women who are looking for a chic and stylish car, at an unbeatable price point, it's time to experience the all-new Baleno...

Bella is what Europeans Called it, During the Frankfurt Moto Show This Year... 
Ok, so first thing first! We were invited to it's formal unveiling that happened in Jaipur mid this month. Knowing that the car is the second launch from Maruti Suzuki's Nexa, we were all the more excited to experience this car. Nexa is a premium category experience of select model launches from the brand. The prior being S-cross (it couldn't create the right buzz though), this one already has a lot of expectations. Baleno, is a new hatch-back car that boosts many advance technology that we'll be talking about later.

A Cozy Stay at Le Meridien
So, we reached pinkcity Jaipur one fine afternoon to enjoy the review of Baleno. The stay at the lovely Le Meridien (in pic left) was absolutely relaxing. The cars were waiting for the first test drives, and we were so looking forward to it.
It seemed like the weather was all set for the long drive for around 200 km. We were given a brief instruction, before we hit the road.
Now, what exactly you notice the moment you are in the all new Baleno? It's the space that impresses you in one go. Yes, Baleno looks like the most spacious hatch-back car in the market this season. Maruti, which already has refined space via it's Swift, is here to offer you more than what you could have imagined. Baleno has an amazing leg-room and you feel that the moment you are seated.

The drive was smooth, but obvious as the models were new. The car is sturdy, and strong, though the acceleration during a take-over or speeding post a sudden break needed a lot of punch. And, we experienced it in both the models, be it the petrol version, or the CVT one. But, Allwhatshewants usually doesn't do much of a technical* review, as we know that women want to know more about the physical features, and the price point of course!

Spacious Interiors in Baleno Will Impress You...
 The drive was noise-free, and quite soft. For women, who don't want to get into the hassle of changing gears, the CVT variant is certainly a good choice. Also, the CVT has a better surge, at least that's what we felt like... The car has three variants to go for, 1.2 VVT petrol manual & CVT,  and 1.3 DDiS diesel manual. But some of the unique features are a miss in some of the models, and you must check it out before going for a particular model.

Let's talk about the key features of this car now, shall we?

...And, the experience!

Cool Gadgets to Woo You

So, what exactly women want in their cars while driving on a highway? Apart from the space that Baleno is offering, this car has a unique gadget for your ears. For the first time, the brand has collaborated with Apple and thus, you have an Apple car play to connect your smart phone with. This also makes it the first car in India to have an Apple car play. Good for all the iPhone users, as you get to do all the ' safe' activities on your phone, sans even touching it...
But then, we on a personal note felt it was too much of hype as when it comes to the actual consumers, it's the Android world that rules our smart phones!

Anyways, we noticed the other special features of the car as we being the Windows user. The all-black interiors is simply awesome, and women drivers would seriously love it. Be it the front or the back-seats, you just can't get over the roomy feel.
The Liquid Flow Design is What That Sets it Different... Pure Elegance!

The model apart from this cool gadget has many glam elements to offer to 'She' consumers. The Neon-blue around the instrument cluster is bang-on. The speedometer, tachometer, the blue arches around the dials is simply splendid. Even if it's a gimmick, it works for sure!

The Rear is a Beauty...
The car boosts a new concept of Liquid Flow Design. Despite the over all look being muscular with the chrome element adding some strengh to it, there is a subtle feminity in the shape, and that's probable what the liquid flow is all about. But what's all the more impressive is the rear. It's wide, and looks big, with an amazing tail light.
Wondering with this sort of features, what models and brands it's competing with? Needless to say, this hatch-back is a serious challenge for the all new Jazz and i20!

Baleno is a wonderful package that you can think of going for this festival season. We successfully drove this beauty at a speed of 150, and yet it was inn total control. This reminds us to talk about the safety features of Baleno. Nexa is certainly an experience when it comes to safety as even this model has dual airbags, ABS and seat belts with pre-tensioners. Certainly a one up compared to it's rivals who are not offering airbags as standard safety features.

And, now comes the price point. Starting at 4. 99 lacs and going till 7.1 lacs, with CVT 6.76 lacs, Baleno makes a perfect choice for a dynamic car. Looks like, India's fave car-maker brand has already surprised you with it's Diwali goodie.

So, when are you booking your Baleno?

What's New?

Baleno comes with loaded features, some of these are extra chrome, 16" alloy wheels, and a much better designed headlamp cluster with  LED daytime running lights. The wheelbase of Baleno is the smallest (2520mm) in the hatchback, especially with the one's it's competing with.  When it comes to mileage, it's 21.4Km/l on both the CVT and the manual petrol (as claims the brand). And no to miss is the TFT multi-information display, which is spot-on!

(*Check out the technical details of the car when you book your test-drive)

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