Friday, October 30, 2015

Get Set to be Wooed, the App Way!

If you are single, living in a metro and looking for a perfect match for yourself, what would be the way out? If you thought that pundits & families will play the key role here, then look at what comes as a pleasant surprise? While the near and dear ones are still there to help you find the right match, it is the world of apps that’s interestingly connecting the singles with their soulmates!

Yes, the world of match-making, has turned digital, rather mobile, and why not? After all, girls today are so pro to anything that's digital? Be it the online fashion shopping, online grocery shopping, booking online travel tickets, online payments, or for that matter, taking the online appointment even with their gynae. 

Well, mobile match-making, and mobile dating are the new trends of falling in love, It is especially important for women for whom finding the 'right guy', and finding true love is no less than a serious career decision. So more and more women are taking charge and taking their own decision when it comes to this important milestone. But don’t we all have our reservations about whether mobile dating will work? What if there are creeps? Well, hang on! We are here to share a good news, Woo, India’s all-new match-making app is here to woo you, and is giving you more than enough reasons to get this cool app on your chic smartphones. 

Let us know more about Woo, via this cool video, while the downloading is going on, on your smartphone… 

A Perfect Choice 

You might wonder when we say Woo is the first match-making app, despite knowing the fact that there are many dating and matrimonial options around. Well, that’s because Woo is a perfect bridge in-between the two extreme options that we have around. If dating apps are more on casual flirting, and not much of serious people can be seen on the app. Matrimonial apps and sites are full of profiles made by the parents. It’s rather difficult to be yourself on a matrimonial site once you know this. Woo is perfect for people who are looking for a long term, meaningful relationship based on their own likes, interests and opinions rather than any external pressure. 

Woo is unique, you see! It has well-curated profiles to explore and know better. Additional, the user is given add-on tools to do his or her own filtration. One can click on tags such as workplace, interests, likes in music and so on (even if people want to meet those who are separated, etc. they can do that) and see profiles based on the tags. This way they find people they share something in common with. It actually helps the singles to know about the other profile well in advance, and the meeting phase doesn’t become a hassle. 

Find Your Mr. Right With Woo...

Creating its Own Niche 

We all know that there is no dearth when it comes to online dating sites. From casual dating, to casual flirting, from serious matrimonial to perfect match-making, the digital world is flooded with many national and international apps. But in this array of choices, Woo has successfully carved a niche for itself, in the most organic way, possible. It has broken the conventional norms of a traditional site, and at the same time is way beyond any casual dating app. Woo is all about finding a life-partner for yourself, in quite a different way actually. Wondering what’s so different about Woo? Take a look… 

What's so Unique about Woo? 

  • It’s one of the safest app for women to go for; when it comes to sharing the personal details. So for example, if you are a married woman or a man, and are thinking of candidly looking for a date, this site, on the basis of your personal info shared on any social media, will blacklist you and you won’t be able to create your profile. 
  • That’s not all, the app has a complex and strong system in-house that can figure out fake, married or even poor quality profiles. So, if anywhere the app feels that you are not an eligible single, you can’t enter the Woo Community.. 
  • It also pays particular attention to the safety of women. Only the initials of women are displayed so that they can’t be traced on social media. In fact, Woo doesn’t even disclose your work place details. 

Wow! This so comes as a boon to girls as there are many out there who are actually looking for such strict filtration. And, probably that’s one of the reasons it was able to woo Team Allwhatshewants as we couldn’t get the access to the profile making, obviously for being married :P

In fact, during the second level filtration, If we find that someone has been reported (report abuse function) for an inappropriate picture or for saying something inappropriate on chat, we remove them. The app thus has been able to create perfect matches that have eventually turned out into a happily married couple over the period of a year or so… So girls, if you are seriously considering finding your Mr Right, remember he’s just a click away. 

Oh ya, which reminds us, the download must be over by now… why not take a look at him?

Woo is a leading matchmaking app for urban singles looking for a life partner. Download Woo from the Google Playstore or the App Store.

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