Monday, October 12, 2015

Pan-Asian Cuisine, Under One Roof: Republic of Noodles Review

Women and their love for Asian cuisine is a new food statement, and we keep on exploring the best of restaurants that can offer us a sumptuous, yet sophisticated platters, on a relaxed evening.   Wondering where to find one such place?Thanks to Republic of Noodles in LemonTree Hotels, this one has some lip-smacking pan-Asian dishes to woo you instantly, and we got a chance to try it's We are Asian promotion!

Cosy & Comfortable Interiors at the Republic of Noodles, New Delhi
Allwhatshewants recently got a chance to review this beautiful restaurant in the hotel's Aerocity property in the capital. The location is certainly not new to an avid traveller, and so is the hotel. But not many women out there may have explored it for trying out the East Asian cuisine. Yes, the restaurant has some amazing EA delicacies to try for. Now before you go ahead reading the exclusive review of the cuisine we experienced at this restaurant, let us first understand what exactly is East Asian cuisine? Started from China, of course, the cuisine is heavy on rice with flavours varying from moderate to spicy, and the texture varying from curried to clear.. Noodles is one of the most common dishes in this cuisine.

Glimpse of What we Tried...

A Date With East-Asian Culinary Styles & Flavours

So, we reached RON (Republic of Noodles) one fine afternoon, overs a Bloggers Table. It was a set menu experiential, highlighting the chef's expertise, & the all-time fave delicacies.

Soups, are one of women's all-time fave when it comes to kick-starting a laid-back luncheon, and it looked like Team RON knew this pretty well. Soon our table had Burnt Elephant Garlic with Baby Pokchoy (pic below) soup.

It was light on key notes like spices, ranginess and hotness. Not served too hot, it was a sheer pleasure, despite the afternoon being sunny!

Crackling Young Spinach with Mori-nu Tofu
While the discussion with the chef was on, over the specialities of RON, and the dishes that diners like the

most, the table had these fab starters like Exotic Asian Greens & Celery DimSums, followed by Crackling Young Spinach with Mori-nu Tofu. While the dimsums were like a fresh breeze, light and absolutely fresh, the second course of the starters got all our attention.. A little heavier on the cooking style, this dish had all the reasons why women would love keep coming to RON!

We could see bloggers enjoying each course with umpteen satisfaction, while the discussion on East Asian cuisine was on. During the experiential, we were also told about this beautiful property of Lemon Tree Hotels at Aurangabad that's more on Resort lines... Needless to say, we look forward to review & shoot it some day :)

Burnt Elephant Garlic with Baby Pokchoy

Coming back to the next course now, which was On Wok, or you can also call it the main course. Wok is primarily a typical Chinese cooking style, either in the form of steaming, or frying in some heavy metal pans. This reminds us of telling the readers that cutlery at the restaurant is pretty soothing in colours and heavy in feel. You feel the relaxation even with the elegant cutlery that the food is served in...

The table had some amazing fragrance of Five Spice Moon Fan Fried Rice, and Grilled Pok Choy with Sweet Soya Sauce Mapu Tofu

Water Chestnut & Sagu Pearls, Coconut Roll
This was spot-on and we simply loved the sweetness of the gravy, which was actually sauce. The rice was cooked to perfection, and we certainly went for the second round of serving for this platter.

Before we could settle on this lip-smacking delicacy, the table had some classic Asian dessert to end the afternoon on. Water Chestnut and Sagu Rolls, with Coconut Roll. Who could not appreciate this evergreen dessert, we finished the glass full of dessert just like that. Though, the rolls were a little heavier in taste, but sure did manage to delight many bloggers..

It's time for you to book your table at RON, as the season of festivals and food have just begun... Don't miss it folks as .. We are Asian, no matter what!!

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