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Where Turning 'you' Beautiful is What Matters... Riya Vashist Salon Review

When it's a Monday, it feels like the day is always in a hurry to be back. Yeah, for many women out there, it's always Mondayblues, as most of them experience a super-busy morning post a laid-back Sunday. For some, it's the mundane that keeps them busy, and some literally are on toes to get ready for Monday meetings. During all this stress, there is something that's taking a toll and no wonder it's your beauty...Yes, skin and hair are two key elements of your beauty that start showing signs of concerns when the stress is a little too much to handle. Skin shows visible signs of ageing, and hair on the other hand, either go dry and dull, or the scalp shows hairloss problems. Don't take it lightly and simply head to the best of salon available around!

Now, that's a tricky question. If you are one of those who thinks that the best of salon will only be at best of locations, then you are wrong this time. Make up expert & Stylist Riya Vashist recently open her first stand-alone salon and academy in one of the most average localities of the capital.. 
Curious to know more? Read on!

A Beautifully Done Riya Vashist Salon in New Delhi

For women in the business of beauty, Geeta colony will be one of those areas that won't ever fall into the radar of their ' preferred' salon locations, but an expert like Riya decided to go for it and opened her first salon in the capital at this location. Like you, we too were curious to see how exactly the salon looks like, what are the services like, and if it's even worth going all the way to an area that has never been on the wishlist. 

So, we reached this new salon one fine afternoon last month, and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It's a lovely salon, done elegantly and has some amazing space that even a plush salon, in a plush locality of the capital will find difficult to get. Riya was right there at the salon to greet & show around the property. The first meeting, and you know that this the right place, and the expert comes with an immense knowledge when it comes to beauty. " While this is my first salon, and many keep asking me why I chose this location. Well, if you look around, the women here are aware of the latest services and products, and they were looking for their type of salon. People have deep pockets here, you see. It's just that the colony has never been known for luxury salons. I'm glad I could take that initiative," said Riya candidly during the interaction. she nailed it, we must say...

Riya Vashist, a Woman who Believes in Work
Than the Destination...

When Treatments do the Talking, Than the Location

We now headed to the services, and decided to go for a nice hair spa, followed by a de-stress facial. Impressed we were the moment we saw an absolute new and natural range of hair spa products for the review service. This was a Macadamia hairspa. a fresh brand from the US, Macadamia is purely natural, paraben & sulphate -free, and Riya assured that the result is simply amazing and visible right after the service. She was right indeed, the spa was super-relaxing, from the hairoil massage, to scalp cleansing, followed by a hair mask and steam, the spa lasted for more than an hour, and we were eager to see the result. Don't wonder, but the hair turned soft like never before, there was a certain sheen to the locks that was indication that the scalp is literally happy. We simply loved the hair spa.

Then came the facial, which was again relaxing, though it was something that you may get at your closest salon too. What we liked was the pressure with which the expert did the massage, it was rejuvenating. The skin felt revived and the pack helped in healing the dullness, which later turned the facial skin look radiant...

Riya's work space is inviting and you can feel the hard work that has gone behind. After all, she has worked with celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Kailash Kher, Gautam Gambhir and a few Miss India's, and have revamped their looks in here more than a decade long experience...

So, next time you are booking your salon appointment, make sure to go for places like Riya's that guarantee service satisfaction, location then becomes just a flashy statement that can be ignored... Happily, of course :)

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  1. Wonderful….it seems every single concept & service has been articulated with extensively tasteful, elegant & soulful manner to explore the exquisite beauty & also sooth the soul….

    Professionally she is the most dedicated, passionate, innovative & perfectionist and personally she is the most adorable as she is very kind & compassionate by nature.

    Wish her a phenomenal success & satisfaction in her profession!


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