Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Changing Trends of Compatibility in Match-making

Do you remember the good old days of match-making when the kundali's were exchanged way before the prospective bride and groom could imagine a physical meeting? Once the match was approved by the astro experts, only then the families would proceed with the meetings. Well, the planets, the stars and the zodiac signs are right there where they were, it's the modern-day singles who have moved on, and only for good. No wonder, it's the compatibility that is taken as a base when it comes to match-making, but the busy world and above all the progressive singles today are looking for more than just the zodiac and star compatibility.

The Conventional Approach in Match-making 

So, what exactly used to be the match-making ways in the old times? “I remember the good old days when parents would come with the kundalis of the boy and the girl to see if the stars and raashis match or not. But, with a shift towards love marriages, the trend has somehow declined. Having said that, I still feel that the compatibility has everything to do with your married life in future. Today, it's the digital age, from match-making apps to zodiac sign match-making apps, there is no dearth to checking all these things online. Also, today couple are looking for professional, financial, and health compatibility and not just zodiac only," says Dr. Rosme Chaube, a practising astrologer for last 15 years, & runs

The Modern Approach in Match-making

Now, to know and understand what exactly the modern approach is when it comes to match making, who else will be better than a single girl herself. Let’s hear it from media professional and blogger Nivi Shrivastava of “Marriage traditions in modern India have come a long way and young couples now seek more in depth compatibility instead of just going by zodiac matches. A lot of women now prefer settling in their careers before they start a family, and due to this trend the average marriage age has moved up to thirties and by that age both men and women are clear about their priorities. New age brides know exactly what they want and how they want, be it planning their wedding or seeking certain qualifications in their partner -- they don't want to settle down for anything lesser than perfect. A lot of couples now sign up for pre-nuptial agreements and get their assets insured to be financially secure. In my opinion, traditions will always be a part of life but while seeking a companion its more important to go for a genetic blood test match instead of matching zodiac signs as that will come more handy in future,” sums Nivi. 

Be it the modern or the conventional, it’s the compatibility that’s still the sensitive string that’s keeping both the worlds run parallel. And, what’s even more interesting is the world of apps that is surprisingly offering the best of both. Wondering how? Take a look… 

Compatibility Check Via Apps 

Yes, the world of match-making apps have come a long way. Thanks to apps like Woo, where you connect with like-minded people with interests and lifestyles similar to yours. It’s a place to check out your compatibility in the most practical way possible. While there are apps that filter out matches and bring the best to you, or apps that let you get into some candid flirtation, Woo is all about getting to know the ‘ right’ person, the ‘ safe’ way, and ensuring there is a strong base for a healthy relationship. And, once you find the online compatibility going well, or exactly the way you want, the match-making of signs and stars can sure be done the traditional, if at all needed. It’s the togetherness and love that keeps a relationship going, stars and signs are the guardians to keep it safe & sound!

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