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Get Set for Some Guilt-Free Indulgence: Getafix Review

And, we are back to the busy Monday once again, post a fabulous week of festive celebrations, family get-together, and above all a heavy indulgence of sweets and high-calorie. Yes, that how we Indians love to celebrate festivals but since the festivals are over now, how about trying out some guilt-free indulgence this week? Take a look...

Getafix, a New Entrant in Capital's Food Hubs.. But This One is, a Little 'Hat Ke' 

What's Guilt-free Indulgence?

Now, before we tell you further about this new entrant Getafix, which is a cool casual cafe in the capital, let us first understand the concept of guilt-free food. While most of the time, when it comes to dining out, we usually end up eating high-calorie food, and that's also the case with festivals and celebrations, but then, there are people, siblings to be more precise, who are working on such innovative concepts like Getafix where women can comfortable dig in the food of their choice, sans the worry of calories or fats. And, we experienced this when we reviewed the place recently over a lovely luncheon with fellow bloggers.

The concept is a brainchild of Dhruv & Anindita Chawla, brother and sister duo who worked on this innovative cafe that assures food, sans any guilt.. later! We loved the very fun element the place has, the moment you step in. It's cozy and has a certain warmth that's needed when you are dining out, especially at a location that's a hub of shopping...

Healthy Smoothies to Kick-start Your Day!
So, the menu is quite detailed with the mention of little-little ingredients, which is perfect for women diners who in any case are calorie-conscious. We decided to start with the Smoothies and Juices, like Khal Strawgo Fix and C-nergy. With ingredients like strawberry, basil, yogurt, pineapple, orange, green apple, and amla, we were certain that this is sheer healthy indulgence. Well, of course it was, but lip-smacking at the same. The smoothie had a subtle hint of the berries, and the crunchiness of the seeds worked wonders.

Pear Salad.. the Portion will Impress You, for Sure!
Next came the Pear Salad, followed by Mexican Bowl...

It was a delightful sight to see the portion of the salad Getafix serves. It's like one plate full of this yummy salad, and you are done. The salad had some fab ingredients like lettuce, grilled cottage cheese, blue berries, sweet potato, Dijon mustard dressing. It was interesting to know that the cheese serves at this cafe is also on a low-calorie category.

Mexican Meal in a Bowl.. Tastes Amazing!
Next was the turn of Bowl meal that we decided to order and so here came the Mexican Bowl. We tried the veg option, which had steamed vegetable Mexican rice with grilled veggies, black beans and salsa style sauce, with veggies & peanuts. The bowl looked yum in one go and Dhruv especially asked to mix all the ingredients to enjoy the bowl. We did exactly the same and it was simply awesome. Though, the portion is heavy for one person, it would be perfect to order when there someone to share...

The other fellow bloggers did try the non-veg dishes and we could see everyone enjoying their dishes, what we were now looking for were the desserts, and were wondering how could that be a guilt-free indulgence? It was a sheer surprise when desserts like Sugar-free Brownie, Carrot Cake that was sweetened with Dates, Diet Vanilla Pound Cake, Pumpkin Cake, and lemon Pie! 

These desserts proved to be the USP of the place as to have a dessert that's all about indulgence without any regret or after thoughts of calorie intake is like an achievement, especially for a restaurateur, and looks like this brother sister duo has nailed it... just like that!

let your celebrations continue, but this time make sure to indulge is something that's guilt-free... What else, but Getafix!

Fact File: 

Getafix prepares burgers, pizzas, pastas, and all-day breakfast, . There breads are made in-house, meats are sourced fresh and even the sauces are made with the freshest ingredients. Signature dishes include the quinoa burger, air-fried fish and chips and a delightful range of slow pressed, freshly squeezed juices and smoothies that use no added syrups or sugars to give you naturally amazing taste.

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