Monday, November 9, 2015

Say Happy Diwali With a Happy Skin, This Season

If you are done with your festival shopping, revamping the home decor, doing the home-cleaning and of course stocking the dryfruits and sweets for the guests on Diwali, how about taking a break now and pay some attention to your skin that has been ignored for quite some time? Festivals like Diwali are all about fun times with friends and family, but during this course of celebrations, it's the skincare that takes a back seat, for obvious reasons, hectic preparations, and multi-tasking. And, if the skin is looking dull and lethargic, what's the point wearing the new and stylish clothes on that special day?

There is no dearth of beauty clinics that can offer you a quick fix when it comes to skincare, but beauty clinics like Aayna know that there is a Science when it comes to beauty, and therefore believe in offering a customized Skin Restoration treatment, even if it's a festival season. Let us take a look at what Aayna has to offer...

Let Your Skin Enjoy The Festive Moods Too...

Long-terms Skin Concerns & Solutions 

Not everyone has to go for a skin restoration, as many are blessed with an amazingly flawless skin, but not everyone is that fortunate, you see. Some have had skin issues that started an an early age, and remained ignored for quite some time. Acne scars for that matter, or even pigmentation or dark undereyes, which many Indian women suffer with. You will be surprised to know that almost all of them are a result of previous medial mis-treatments. But experts at Aayna assure a hundred percent result when it comes to skin-restoration.Treatments like Fraxel for long-time acne scars was first introduced by Dr. Simal Soin, the woman behind Aayna, in India. Others, simply followed her footsteps... Same goes for pigmentation and undereyes,once your skin is evaluated. the doctors at Aayna recommend a combination of peels, cosmelan, dermamelan, hydrafacials , occasional lasers, and topical and oral treatments.  

Skin Restoration For Style Look  

Wondering is skin and fashion are even related? Well, actually yes! Sometimes there is skin rejuvenation requirement purely for the aesthetic reason. ike, you want to wear a nice sari, but your stretch marks are a bit of trouble , and become a spoiler when it comes to the look. The reasons for stretchmarks are many, like for pregnancy, for weight-loss, and so on. While stretchmarks are just not easy to get rid of, Aayna Clinic offers lasers that can cure 80 % of the marks.. just like that! Skin no doubt, ages faster because of lifestyle and diet, this certainly shouldn't be a reason or an excuse for you to ignore it. The treatments that focus on the restoration are purposely given to keep that particular concern in control and of course, a check! Why would there be then treatments like moles, warts, sun-spots, shrinking the large open pores etc? Today's woman know that looking beautiful is part of a certain lifestyle that she leads, and clinics like Aayna makes sure to woo her with the array of such services to select from! 

So, this Diwali make sure to pamper your skin too, post all the celebrations. Pre-skincare will make us happy for sure :)  

Fact File: Skin Restoration services offered at Aayna Clinic are eloids and Hypertrophic scars, Spider veins, Rosacea,and many more ...

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