Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Style-savvy Smartphone Inspiration: ZenFone 2 Cool Contest

We all love to see beautiful things around, and never miss a chance to capture such beauties with our chic and stylish smartphones. After all, these things become our inspiration, and thus the desire to take a picture and hold that beauty forever.  How about when a smartphone that's loaded with best of design and creative elements becomes an inspiration in itself, and makes you go creative?

Yes, Asus India is here with it's fabulous contest for it's newest ZenFone 2. The campaign is essentially about the key feature of this new smartphone, which is Style. Style is one of the must-have elements of our lives today. From what we eat, how we dress, what we drive, where we travel, how we travel, and many more, each and every aspect of our lives revolves around style. Over the years, Allwhatshewants has captured many such amazing style elements, and shared with our lovely readers, be it in the form of a beauty or fashion shoot, some new lifestyle product or the candid clicks of the elements of nature. When we got to know about Asus's latest campaign, we decided to create a complete look-book of such stylish things of a woman's life, which are inspired from the design elements of ZenFone 2. Take a look...

All these lifestyle elements are certainly the bare essentials for any woman who belives in living in Style. And, no wonder, you might find her around, holding a lovely ZenFone 2 , and capturing the very essence of these elements around...

Are you all set for your #ZenLooks? It's quite easy, you see. All you need to do is click this link 
here :http://bit.ly/1Q1ohRK  . Now, submit an entry in the contest, the entry can be fun quirky- a photo you've taken, or a design you've created but it must be fashion forward and represent your fashion aesthetic, from any arena of life. For App users, it's all the more simple. Simply head to the #ZenLooks Apps and share your case design on http://bit.ly/1Q1ohRK
Wondering how it feels and looks, why don't you check out what we have created and shared.. check out our entry here: https://www.facebook.com/allwhatshewants.india

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