Wednesday, November 11, 2015

This Diwali, Celebrate Togetherness over Match-making

Knock-knock! It's Diwali time, and don't you know that festivals in India, especially Diwali are all about family and celebrations? No one can imagine this beautiful festival of lighting and rituals sans family and dear ones. And, over the years, this festivals has become more like a get-togetherness with children living in other cities for work and other commitments. That's probably one of the reasons why those who are single and living a bachelor/spinster life are more keen to take a break and head to their hometowns during Diwali. After all, this is exactly the time when the family engages over some candid chit-chats, casual conversations, gossips, and of course the discussions on match-making, proposals and so on...

Yes, this has been a new trend in the metros where festivals are looked at one of the special time when the single girls or boys can actually sit with the parents and talk about the life, life partner, and how to find the right match, in the most organic way, in this super-busy lifestyle! With youth more inclined to the online world, owing to its convenience, and parents still sticking to the traditional pattern of references for match-making, it's only during the festivals when both of them can actually bring the two perspectives together.

When Festivals Are More Than Lighting...But Match-making!

Blending Offline & Online Worlds During Festivals

No wonder, the world of online has been a boon to those who are single, and have no time for the offline engagements when it comes to finding a life-partner. Thanks to match-making apps like Woo, which is a perfect amalgamation of traditional values, and modern-style profile recommendations, the youth today is well sorted and feels safe to share their personal details on such apps. What's best? These apps are user-friendly, so if you thought that explaining or finding the match, while in conversation with parents, during occasions like Diwali is gonna be a difficult talk, then you sure need to download the app to see how user-friendly it is...

Also, since the mood during festivals is so positive and happy that it’s to woo your dear one’s while browsing such apps, or discussing the kind of life-partner you are looking for. Even parents for that matter will be more than keen on knowing what’s the online world like, when it comes to match-making. What a simple and clear way to explain what your expectations are from a life partner! In fact, you might just want to share this with the other eligible singles in the family. It’s fun and yet so positive, you see…

So this Diwali, make sure to celebrate the traditions, a little Hat ke :)

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