Monday, November 2, 2015

What Are You Gifting This Diwali?

Happy times are here! It's Diwali after all, and who doesn't like to enjoy this beautiful festival of India over some fun-time with family, some lip-smacking food, some chic lighting, some stylish looks, and last but not the least, some interesting gifting to near and dear ones? Yeah, festivals over the last few years have gone really big, especially in terms of gifting. And, why not, with such amazing offers from brands & cool variety to go for, we like to be surprised by special gifts when the occasion is Diwali.

While receiving gifts is sheer happiness, selecting the right gift for someone we love is an equal challenge. Well, you can relax this season as Allwhatshewasnts is here to help you out in this problem. Take a look..

Let Gifting be a Personal Preference

When going for a festival gifting option, ask yourself what exactly would you love to receive as a gift? What sort of gift can make you feel ecstatic? What gift would you like to cherish forever? The moment you question yourself with something as basic as these, half the problem is solved. Gifting is a very personal choice, when we select what we like, then the whole concept of gifting becomes all the more fun. Also, the fact that if that particular gift is making you so happy, imagine how beautiful it is for someone who doesn't have the same thing, or may be, is in need of it?

Like, in the present time, it's the gadget world that's ruling when it comes to gifts. From toddlers to elders, everyone is looking for the newest smartphone. It's tempting and flaunting gift at the same...

Looks like we have suggested you the right gift, and your problem is solved.. Err, confused which brand to go for? Oh boy, brands are leaving no stone unturned to lure you with their unbeatable special offers for the mega-festival season, but there is one brand which should be your consideration before you decide for the gift!

The All-New ZenFone From Asus

Asus, one of the fastest growing brands in smartphone category has some cool offers this season and that's why this can easily make it to your Diwali gifting list. While the offers are cool enough to tempt you instantly, it's the latest ZenFone that has way too many reasons to make it to your gifting list. This smartphone is chic and jazzy, and what the best thing? It's available online at an unbelievable price point . But what's the most important thing here is that's it's one such phone that you would love to receive as a gift, isn't it?

So, before you step out to go on your gifting shopping-spree, simply check out what's the newest with your dear ones, chances are they all are waiting for their next ZenFone...

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