Sunday, November 1, 2015

When a Brewery Calls...Malt & Co Review

Weekends are all about fun & leisure, especially for women who are busy 24X7... How about suggesting you some short weekend trip to a destination that's a hub of both food & fashion? 
Well, we recently (fortnight back, to be precise) got a chance to visit Chandigarh, one of the most beautiful & safest cities of India, to review it's first microbrewery Malt & Co, in the oldest Piccadilly Hotel...

Interiors of Malt & Co, Chandigarh

Craft Beer for
the Women of Chandigarh...

It was a fun trip, at least for someone who's living in NCR. While Chandigarh is quite a modern city, when it comes to infrastructure, or even lifestyle, it was surprising to know that this new restaurant in one of the finest hotels of the city is the first* to offer a microbrewery. Brought by Under One Roof Hotel Consultants, Malt & Co is cool and cozy. Unlike Delhi, which is all about lavish interiors, and spacious seatings, this restaurant is more like a fun place. Located right in the middle of one of the sought after business sectors, MC has much more to offer than just the brewery. Needless to say, the highlight is sure shot the brewing technique that results in some amazing flavours of beer!

Stay at Piccadilly
You might wonder, what's the role of a woman at a place that's all about beer, knowing the fact that women are more on wine and Champagne side? Well, trends have changed and so have preferences. We were pleased to see many 'she' diners on the launch eve that we were part of. And, why not? After all, the property is run by a woman, and the whole concept is a woman's brainchild... 

So, we reached this chic city late eve, exactly on the day when the launch was scheduled, checked-in the hotel, which is a decent boutique style-stay with some cool amenities to enjoy, especially when the trip is in a jiffy & short. The evening, of course kick-started on the note of some fabulous beer experiential. From Lager to Ales, the jars kept getting filled one after the other. You see, that's the beauty of craft beer, all you get is a customized quality with the premium quality ingredients, at least that's what is expected. Though, we tried the cocktail (beer & coconut ) versions of these beers, which we could see everyone around enjoying.
Food Served at Malt & Co... lip-smacking!

And the best part to compliment this was the food that kept coming to our tables in short courses like Veg Mezze, Mobster Platter, and so on...

Seems like it wasn't enough! We had a day more to try and experience the entire hotel. So, the next day, we decided to try the breakfast menu and later the room service too!

When in Punjab, it is next to impossible to resist the lip-smacking aloo-parathas, and that's exactly what we ordered (see pic) the next morning. While the service was way too slow,for some shoot and the setting was going on , the taste of the dish was satisfying. What was spot-on was the room service. 
Piccadilly makes sure to serve you your order with each course, so once you finish your first course, which we guess the team has an experte in assuming the duration, the next comes sans any delay... literally! It's like a bliss for a traveller, especially a 'she' traveller :) 

But it looked like all this wasn't enough, Sonia Mohindra, founder of Under One Roof had a few more plans for Allwhatshewants. Wondering what all we explored in this cutesy short trip? Well, there is loads actually, and we are soon going to share the second experience of one of the splendid restaurants from this city, during this trip.... 

Keep watching this space Readers :)

* As per top food apps, the city has a few more microbrewery aready (for reader's reference)

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