Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Celebrate New Year Midst Creative Cuisine: Pluck Review

Just a couple of days left, and we are all set to welcome 2016. And, we are pretty sure that your New Year celebration plans will certainly include a fabulous dining out with near and dear ones. Well, don't just settle on any restaurant or a fine dine, especially when a place like Pluck is right there in your city...

Yes, the all-new Pullman New Delhi Aerocity that recently opened it's doors for all of us has this beautiful fine dine restaurant, which is so pleasantly called - Pluck!

Plush Interiors at Pluck, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity
We got a chance to visit this beautiful property, and experience the culinary artistry at Pluck over a fab luncheon, rather, menu sampling, on a cozy sunny day this month. It was a leisure afternoon indeed, and thus we got ample time to enjoy and understand the concept of this elegant restaurant that's right next to the reception area...
This being the 100th Pullman in the global network of Accor Group of hotels certainly holds 'that' importance. Also, being the national capital, and a location that's like dream come true, all these factors did add to the grand opening of this plush property.

Glimpse of the Food That We Enjoyed at Pluck

Creative Cuisine, Fresh Flavours

Coming back to the restaurant now, we settled down in a nice corner that gave us the view of not just the food but also of the hotel. Soon, the sampling menu was given and Ashish Dhar, Culinary Designer, Pluck greeted us to brief about the courses that we were soon gonna experience. While he was busy explaining about the concept behind Pluck, we were wondering about the designation of the Chef, which was so unlike and unique. 

Well, the moment the first few dishes arrived on our tables, we realized why such a splendid designation...

Before the appetizers hit our tables, this amazing dish arrived on our table. It was such a delight to see it right there on the table, with each ingredient of this cutesy mini appetizer explaining so gracefully why the restaurant is called Pluck. The fresh, in-house greens tasted yum, and kept on digging deeper and deeper, till the spoon touched the very bottom of the innovative tableware piece from Serax. Oh yes! This restaurant simply impressed us with it's choices of tableware! Right from the shape, the size, and the strength, the cutlery gives you one strong reason, why you should be visiting this place again...

So, the dish quickly vanished, leaving behind the lip-smacking taste, and making us crave for more. And, soon came Mushroom and Chestnut Soup (pic below)
 Mushroom and Chestnut Soup

This was spot-on, and we were so lost in it that we simply had no time to even share our feedback with Chef Dhar, who was around, waiting to see the reaction of the media. lovely thickness, and subtle favours were the key positive of this soup. What we also liked was the portion, which was quite satiating actually!

When the tasting of the set menu was on, we suddenly realized that the menu has a lovely wine pairing too, and Pullman has this young 'she' sommelier Kriti Malhotra, who came to our table with Enomatic wine dispenser...

Kriti Malhotra, Sommelier, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity

It was fantastic to see select wines (white and red both) coming to your table for tasting and pairing, under the guidance of such a young sommelier. But, no doubt, Kriti knew her job really well :)

The dispenser makes sure to keep the gases  and the flavour of the wine intact, and thus you get the original taste of wine, sans any reaction to the air.

From Soav, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Malbec, and so on.. we tried many and couldn't resist for more....

Light Spinach Salad With Mushroom
Horseradish Bloody Mary Sorbet

The pairing with food was awesome, and when some of the dishes like the one in picture to your right were going a little heavy on belly, it was wine that came to our rescue...

The line of tasting took a pleasant break when Horseradish and Bloody Mary sorbet came to our table! It was so creative, that it was hard to believe, it's a frozen version of the all-time fave cocktail of women. That's exactly when  Chef Ajay Anand - Chief Culinary Designer at Pullman & Novotel, greeted us, and explained how this was supposed to be enjoyed. His designation was even more pleasing, and the experience that he comes with was so visible in the creative cuisine and well-crafted menu of Pluck that he has conceptualized... The gel form of vodka (in the cap) was supposed to be emptied in the jar, which is what we did, and enjoyed the cocktail version of this unique sorbet!

When the primary courses were so creative, we were sure enough that the end note, which is gonna be a dessert will be a surprising delight. And, Anand didn't disappoint us on that as well. And, the picture below speaks volumes about it!

Dark Milk Chocolate Mousse
This dark milk chocolate that we paired with Malbec spoilt us silly. Don't you doubt that readers as the chocolate melted instantly, and was so subtle on flavours that we wondered if this experiential is actually coming to it's end...

Indeed it did, and boy, on what a wonderful note to sum up on! Do you still need more reasons to know why you shouldn't be booking your table at Pluck this New Year's day? Better, hurry up!!

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