Thursday, December 31, 2015

Celebrate New Year On a Skincare Note: Offers @ Aayna

It's the last day of the year, and tomorrow will begin a new chapter. That's one of the key reasons why we felt the need of this particular feature. Why not start the fresh chapter of your life on a 'Beauty' note?

While many of you might be travelling, or may welcome 2016 on a travel note, it's the beauty, skincare, to be more precise, is what women don't like to ignore even when they are travelling. And, therefore, it becomes important to understand the needs of your skin in this weather, and celebration time! The freezing temperatures of the winter, added to the dry air takes a bitter toll on your skin and hair, leaving both of them rough and dehydrated. And, beauty clinics like Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin do understand that a little extra tender loving care is needed, especially considering that this is also the peak holiday and vacation season when you want to look your radiant best. Thus, Aayna has some amazing holiday treatments that are coming with special offers too. Take a look...

When Facials Are Not Enough...

Hydration is the key in treating the chaffed and cracked skin and treatments like the hydra facial and the oxygen facial restore moisture to the skin leaving them more supple and nourished. But, often make-up during this party season makes the skin look even more dehydrated. That's when beauty experts and dermatologists recommend oxygen facial, which is the perfect antidote to this problem. You may not know that this facial uses the pristine purity of oxygen to infuse hydrating serums into the dermis giving a smooth and plumped texture to the skin. The all-in-one solution hydra facial that keeps cropping up as a solution to almost every aesthetic concern is true to its name and invigorates the skin with the most potent enzymes and anti-oxidants that build a protective shield around your skin to weather the ravages of this time.
But sometimes, these two effective and perfect treatments are also not enough, and that's exactly when experts at Aayna recommend Laser genesis...

What is Laser Genesis?

When your skin starts showing lack of collagen formation, especially the acne prone, and ageing skin, then  Laser genesis comes to your rescue. It promotes collagen stimulation and formation, which in itself leads to the skin retaining more moisture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and dilated pores. So, when you are travelling, or are in a mood to party during New Year time, you can do a session as a one off treatment, a few days before an event to get a luminous glow, can also take a series of sessions at monthly intervals as a magic therapy against the effects of age and environmental damage. That sounds like WOW!

Special Offers At Aayna

Since it's a month of celebrations, and it's ending today only , Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin has some special on-going offers to pamper your skin this month of celebrations. 

Eight Sittings @ Six Price Point
This season, take good eight sittings of laser genesis at Aayna, and all you do is pay only for six. The remaining two are absolutely complimentary. looks like your skin has already started showing the eagerness to visit the clinic!

Gift for Your Lovely Locks

Like skin, hair too at Aayna will fee pampered this celebration season. Hair like the skin become frizzy and rough and one has to strike the right balance in the frequency of shampooing. as washing the hair too often makes the scalp dry and washing them less often makes them prone to the dreaded winter dandruff. That's where Root deep treatment for the hair and scalp pioneered by an Indian scientist Dr Jigar Patel’s innovative and intensive research provides the goodness of growth factors. You will be surprised to know that the treatment is derived from pea sprouts to reduce hair fall and soften the hair from the roots to the ends. A hair and scalp analysis can help the hair experts to determine the number of sessions one needs to bring the bounce and life back to your crowning glory. Here again, Aayna is wooing you like  anything.. Pay for 4 get 5 scheme on Root deep treatment. Which means that this dream clinic is full of offers for your top-to-toe beauty. While we are not revealing the Jan special offers, we are quite sure that once you book your appointment for the beautiful beginning of 2016, the experts at this lovely clinic will share the New Year special beauty care with you... just like that!

Till then, Wish you all a very Happy New Year!!

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