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Feel the Fresh Breeze With Tata Motors: Zica Review

It's that time of the year when many of you are all set to travel to enjoy Christmas and New Year time, and say goodbye to year 2015 on a rocking note. Well, there are others who are all excited and looking at the year-end car launches to book one, when 2016 kick-starts.. So, if you are from the latter side of this, we have an exciting launch to share with you that we recently experienced, midst a lot of fun. Take a look...

One of the most trusted brands of India, Tata Motors has unveiled it's newest compact hatch-back model, Zica, which is set to hit the roads in first week of Jan 2016 (Bookings from Feb 16, probably). We got a chance to review it, try it, and experience the comfort of driving a budget-hatch-back this month, at the splendid settings of Goa. This was with the fab team of Indibogger, which had organized the whole Blogger trip for Zica Experience.. rather, #MadeofGreat!

Allwhatshewants Posing With Zica, by Tata Motors!

All About Zica

Goa is fun, no matter whichever the season is. But, when the month is December, and Goa calls for a test drive, of a brand new car like Zica, the whole travel experience takes a different level, all-together... just like that! Also, we realized that a compact, or small hatch-back car can easily woo many women who drive, as they love to go for a cutesy and chic car when it comes to their lifestyle and of course, personality. They might be craving for a luxe SUVs but, Zica fits in perfectly when it comes to lifestyle and luxury. You sure wanna know how, and that's exactly what the feature is all about!

We reached Goa one fine afternoon early this month on a weekend, and headed straight to our beautiful stay at Alila Diva that was the venue of Zica launch. Bloggers were the last set of media, arranged by Indiblogger for a wonderful test drive that was set for the next day, early morning. We were around 60 odd bloggers, pan-India who had come to take the first glimpse of this elegant new car.

It was a well-organized event, and the evening was full of fun and excitement, as team Tata Motors was there to share the complete brief on the new launch..

Since this was for the first time, a brand like Tata Motors roped in a face like Lionel Messi, the launch has got many heads turning and the excitement to know what the new car is like was sheer visible among the blogger fraternity, and we are quite sure the same must have been the reaction of the regular media too...

The evening kick-started with us in the closet room where each one of us had our customized Tees and Tata goodies hanging in particular closets. What could have been a  better way of energizing the evening than a host like Cyrus Sahukar... He not only kept the bloggers engaged with his fun Q&As, but also was an active DJ partner during the amazing cocktail eve when the teams for the next morning drive where formed...

The All New Zica by Tata Motors...

The Drive

It was a fresh and beautiful morning, just like the Zica. The fleet of the newest models was ready, and we simply headed to our cars (pre-allotted). Since Allwhatshewants wanted to try both the petrol and the diesel versions, we decided to swap with one of the other teams, on way back to the hotel. The drive was set, on the Map My India app, which as we mentioned earlier, comes pre-installed in Zica. Unfortunately, it did not work for some non-technical reasons, and followed the route as her our own GPS.

Goa is surreal when it comes to driving and trying our a small-size car like Zica, as the roads are not the NH , and we drove from the interiors of Goa, in lanes and narrow roads, to finally the NH that lead to the Verna Industrial Estate, which was the final destination. Zica is fun drive, and the reasons to enjoy this care are many. For a woman, a car is all about her lifestyle and personal needs, unlike men, who go for a car that's flashy and extremely domineering. We like the sheer elegance of this stylish car, be it the exteriors, or the interiors. From the edgy lines around the body, the frontal smooth shapes at the ends, the back lights, the handles of the doors, each and every part of this car has some style element.

The interiors is equally pleasing and impressive, and if you are a woman who believes in colours, Zica is definitely for you. The splendid hints of colours in the car, at the AC vents, are stunners and you just can't miss that the moment you step in. The next thing that you notice, before you get the grip of the steering, is the leg room. Looks like the car is meant for tall women who love their heels while driving, and still can have sufficient above head space to keep the hairstyle intact ;)

The drive is smooth, and we could feel the surge with a little forceful push to the accelerator. When on highway, the car is light and you enjoy maneuvering the steering in a leisure way. However, the moment it speeds up and crosses, say 85 or 90 on speedometer, you can feel the sound of the engine. That could be probably the brand has added light-weight engine to this new model, but we will not go further into the technical side of the review as we review a new mode based on it's appearance and of course, the first hand drive, and some technical basics.

While the diesel version needed more push when it comes to surge, the petrol version is what we liked and enjoyed driving.

While the brand did not disclose it's direct rivals, we assume that Zica is here to compete with it's similar-feature cars like Brio, i10, Celerio , etc...

The car aims at the younger audience, and that's one of the reasons why the brand has roped in Messi as it's brand ambassador for a car like Zica. The youth usually goes for cars that reflect their own personality, a car that's chic, and also is performance driven than just a show-off. While it's too early to comment on the long-term innings of Zica, we can say that this is a car that will quickly draw women's attention...

Sunset at Alila Diwa, Goa
Stay at Alila Diwa, Goa
We enjoyed Zica for good two hours or so, and headed back to the hotel Alila Diwa, which turned out to be wonderful host. The stay was cozy and the rooms were elegant and comfortable. Had the stay been solo and not sharing, which is what Tata Motors offers, the experience whould have been of a different level, for sure...

Nevertheless, Zica did the needful with it's first-hand experience, and we hope that readers too would like to give it a try, if they plan to got for a budget-friendly, chic and compact hatch-back as their next possession...

It is Fantastica!!


  1. Some facts about Tata Zica that you may want to know more about-
  2. Connectivity Feature: The car has Juke app, which can be paired with your android phone for multiple music related features.
  3. Zica has 1.2 Revetron engine, which is a little noisy, especially when you are driving on a highway at a decent speed.
  4. AMT variant is not launched yet, and the present has 5-speed mannual. That variant can be expected sometime later in 2016.
  5. The boot space is 242 liters which is decent and impressive, if not too large compared to it's rival brands. 
  6. The most impressive eement of the car is it's music system which is not less than any concert fee. The tie up is with Harman, which is the answer, of course!
  7. For women who travel solo, and prefer driving, this one has an amazing space for 5 bottles, 2 glasses. 

Estimated Price: 
We assume that the price won't exceed 5.5lacs for the top end, and the initial may start anywhere at 3.95 lacs.. let's wait for the brand to make the formal announcement!


  1. Tata Motors has constantly taken endeavors to assemble vehicles to suit the prerequisites and spending plan of their supporters. The most recent 2 models from the organization - the Bolt and the Zest - are doing admirably among the Tata enthusiasts. We investigate these roadsters.


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