Thursday, December 3, 2015

Go Natural With Winter Skincare: Medimix Review

When the mornings begin on a fresh note, especially the one's that take you close to the nature, it feels like a bliss. But, in the present time, where pollution is everywhere and you struggle heard to keep your skin and health under wraps, it is difficult to have enjoy such mornings...

Well, not exactly! There are some brands that make sure that you stay close to nature, and enjoy the pure Bliss... just like that. Take a look!

Medimix, one of the oldest and largest selling bathing soaps from India is here to rejuvenate you in the most natural way. And, why not? After all, this is one unique soap that has some amazing ayurvedic ingredients, like Lakshadi oil and natural glycerine. Medimix soap, by Cholayil brand is a Made in India product from Chennai that has been catering to the masses for a good few decades now. With changing time and changing need and markets, the soap has seen many improvements, and the newest one that we got to review recently is a stunner when it comes to rejuvenation...

Kick-start Your Morning, in the Natural Way!
You will agree to the fact that where ever we live, a cluttered and polluted city, or a peaceful and fresh town, keeping the skin healthy and supple, to keep the aging at bay is one of the utmost priorities of any woman. And, what can be a better way that kick-starting the day on the most natural and fresh note, if possible. Keeping this in mind, we started the review, and opened this beauty (in pic above). Medimix smells divine, and you can't wait to take a rejuvenating shower, cleansing your fatigued skin with this green soap. What you instantly like is the smell, and of course the colour. The lather is great and so is the ceansing. It washes away quickly, thus saving litres of water. The fabulous natural ingredients like Natural Glycerine and Lakshadi oil, make sure to leave the skin supple and not dry. What's interesting is that the product is vegan too. And, once you are done with your morning bathing ritual, you are quite sure that this was the most rejuvenating bath ever...

Of course, yes! The bathroom is the witness as the fragrance of this splendid soap stays there.. like, forever... 
It's time for you to go natural.. we mean, the Medimix way! 


  1. I love this soap so much. It smells so fresh and clean

  2. This is my first time using this brand and I'm really happy with this product and the price is right. Thank you for making it available to those in need. I love the smell and it seems to really being helping my skin quite a bit and I just starting using it. ;)


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