Monday, December 14, 2015

Men's Winter Styles for the Season: John Players AW15 Review

Winters have finally set in and the busy women like us must have have already updated their stylish and chic winter wardrobe... But, did you ever wonder what happens when it comes to men? Do you really think they too are keen to change their fashion wardrobe the way women do.. Well, in most of the cases yes!

And, that's one of the reasons we decided to create some cool and casual looks for men for the season in association with one of the most sought after brands by men, John Players.. The feature is all about three key looks that busy men, like women go for when it comes to seasonal trends, and what actually women are recommending men for this season, from JP's latest winter range of the season.. take a look!

Cool & Colourful

Men love colours, and this look speaks volumes about it. John Players has played with some fabulous colours this season, in pure wool sweaters, and also acrylic. We decided to create a day look, pairing the nice colour-blocking sweater with a pair of slim-fit denims from JP...

Colour Sweater From John Players for a Sunny Day...
What's the best thing about this collection of sweaters, or for that matter even sweat shirts, is the price point. It's quite pocket-friendly, and keeps your warm when it comes to splurging on this newest range. Starting at 1199/- the day look can take you max to 3599/-, excluding accessories of course!

How cool it is, what say readers??

Changing Casuals to Formals, in a Jiffy

With men, there are times when they are tired of changing their lowers to get into a complete new look, and that's where denims always come to your rescue. Same goes with JP's denims. You can slip-in the same denims when heading for a formal meeting or to your office duty, as the winter range has some creative styles of formal shirts, in few of the men's fave colours.

Pair the Same Denims with Formal Shirts This Season!
From beige to black, from pinks to cool blues, the shirts with hints of style elements here or there (like the pockets, especially) will make a smooth entry to your winter wardrobe, sans any regrets. Yes, we say so as the formal shirts have an amazing fit and texture. We created the look with one of the safest blues and paired it with the same denims that were used in the first look. Apart from slim-fit, you can go for skinny-fit denims too, which are but of course, unlike women's skinny denims. They are perfect if you are lean and tall..

You might want to change the footwear, but then we decided to leave it up to you and continued with the same set of accessories in all three looks...

Price Point:
Here again, JP surprises you! The shirts start at somewhere 1499/- and go up to 2499/-, like this one. We found the prices to be really consumer-friendly, at least that consumer who believes in styles and splurging on seasonal looks to mark an impression...

Winter Jackets are a Must-have

No look in a men's wardrobe is complete till the time there is not the touch of the funky element. What can be more fun for men than a sturdy-looking winter jacket?

Yes, a men's winter wardrobe is complete when their is at least one new add-on to their stylish range of coats or jackets. And, in JP's case, we decided to create the third casual look with this olive green hood jacket. The picture is screaming loud about the quirky style elements, around the pocket flaps and the arm-holes. The jacket is super-warm as the inner lining is all furry (artificial indeed), and thus makes a great choice for men who are outdoorsy, when it comes to their job profiles.,

The jackets will sure cost you and will be heavier on your pocket. Like this one starts from 4599/- and goes to 5599/- which for a brand that's part of ITC is still decently prices. Also, not to forget, the style elements that you get along with the jacket are simply splendid. So, you don't mind spending this much amount on a jacket...

Whatever, is your personal choice when it comes to winter clothing, these looks will sure help you in zeroing-in on the kind of brand you must splurge on this season for your winter essentials, And believe us, a brand like John Players will certainly not disappoint you...

What We Liked

You will be surprised to know that we created all these three looks at the perfect price point of 10,000/- INR. It's time for you now to explore and try the newest range from the brand, and share your winter looks with us here.. or in our social media!

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